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At Hollard, we are filled with immense pride when we look back at our rich, colourful history and impactful heritage. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, it's the perfect time to look back at forty years and forty years of enabling better futures for our clients, and in the lives of everyday South Africans. This is the time to celebrate, pat ourselves on the back and take stock of who we have become. 

But this year is not about getting stuck in the past. For us, forty is the new future. The year 2020 is our chance to look forward, through the 20/20 vision that four decades have given us. It's about gaining perspective and insight-looking back in a way that empowers us to march forward. 

This 2020 calendar is dedicated to that forward-march. As long as a longstanding supporter of the arts, we've worked with Artist Proof Studio and commissioned 16 artists to create artworks that capture the essence of this celebration, each using our family colour, purple. 

As you look through the explosion of creativity and memories, ask yourself: What can yesterday teach me to make tomorrow a better future for all?

To purchase of these limited edition prints please contact the Artist proof studio gallery@artistproofstudio.co.za

Abstract painting of bull and bird in a field

Abstract painting of two human figures

Abstract artwork featuring a boy and a human figure

Purple and white abstract artwork

Abstract artwork featuring 8 human figures

Abstract artwork featuring a boy with structures in the background

Abstract artwork featuring woman with flowers on her head

Artwork featuring an African boy in a top-hat holding a pole

Abstract artwork featuring an African hand and round object

Artwork featuring a bird-of-prey in the background with colourful lightbulbs hanging in the foreground

Abstract artwork featuring hot-air-balloon-like objects floating.

Abstract artwork featuring a grid of 12 purple blocks and light-orange patterns

Abstract artwork featuring a multi-level building housing various human-like figures

Artwork featuring a displeased African woman above the words "Nknhamba Nknbona"

Artwork featuring two human-like creatures with tin cans attached to string.

Abstract artwork featuring four hexagons each containing money=bags and round objects.