At Hollard we call our business purpose “Better Futures”, and with good reason: Everything we do, and the way we do it, is aimed at enabling more people to create and secure a better future. And there’s no better example of Better Futures than Hollard Highway Heroes, our annual competition to identify South Africa’s best truck driver.

The overall 2019 Highway Hero will win an awesome R100 000 in cash and prizes (along with substantial prizes for the other finalists, too). Previous Highway Heroes winners have been able to do things such as invest, pay for their children’s education and renovate their homes with their winnings. That’s Better Futures in action.

But Highway Heroes takes Better Futures much further than that, because it’s not only truck drivers who benefit from their participation in Highway Heroes. We all do.

Fleet owners benefit

Participation in Highway Heroes requires drivers to internalise good driving habits. We’ve found that not only do participants improve their driving, they continue to drive that way long after the competition has ended.

This results in lower fuel and maintenance costs, as well as fewer accidents and insurance claims.

Non-participating drivers benefit

We’ve discovered, to our delight, that they’re inspired by colleagues who have entered Highway Heroes, and they emulate them.

Hollard benefits

Of course, because our customers are able to reduce their risk and we consequently have fewer insurance claims to process.

And you and I benefit.

Because at least 80% of South Africans are active road users (as drivers, passengers or pedestrians), anything that improves safety on our roads – as Hollard Highway Heroes undoubtedly does – works for all of us

From 2019, we’re offering better futures to more truck drivers than ever. Where in the past Hollard Highway Heroes was only for those who worked for our Trucking customers, the competition is now open to all truck drivers, irrespective of their insurer

Hollard Highway Heroes has one more important function: to highlight truck drivers and the tough jobs they do, and how central they are to our economy. Virtually every commodity we consume is transported by road at some stage, and none of it would reach us without … truck drivers.

So while only one driver out of the thousands who enter the competition can be named the Highway Hero for that year, we believe that all truck drivers are Highway Heroes. They work long hours, often spending weeks away from home and loved ones, and face all kinds of dangers along the way – from treacherous road and weather conditions to criminal activity.

We acknowledge truck drivers for everything they do for us, and we salute them!

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Meet Our Team

Wayne Rautenbach
General Manager: Hollard Trucking

Paul Dangerfield
National Operations Manager

Elka Du Piesanie
Hollard Risk Services: Operations Manager & 
Highway Heroes Campaign Manager

Krishna Naidoo
Area Sales Manager - Kwa-Zulu Natal

Phillip Rentschler
Area Sales Manager - Cape Town

Megan Hattingh
Sales Consultant  - Johannesburg

Solomzi Ngonelo
Sales Consultant - Johannesburg

Loryn Phillips
Sales Consultant - Kwa-Zulu Natal

Riette Hancke
Sales Consultant - Port Elizabeth

Hollard Risk Services Loyalty Program

The Hollard Risk Services Loyalty Program rewards drivers for ongoing good driver behaviour and is offered to you as an benefit as part of your cover. It is based on a pre-defined set of driving and safety parameters. All rewards obtained by your driver, employed by you, will be loaded on a customised cash master card which will be sent to you for each driver. Drivers will have the option to swipe their loyalty card at any master card partner across South Africa.

To benefit from the Hollard Risk Services Loyalty Program


  • Your vehicles must be monitored by the Hollard Risk Bureau.
  • Your vehicles must be fitted with a qualifying tracking device (Mix, Tracker, Netstar, Ctrack, Lynx, Amber and Icab).
  • All drivers employed by you must be tagged (standard fitted driver identification device from a qualifying supplier).
  • All drivers employed by you must be permanently employed.
  • Your Fleet must be insured by Hollard Commercial Vehicles.
  • Your Premiums must be paid fully and/or must be up to date.


Maximum bi-monthly rewards

Criteria Parameters Weighting
Speeding Any speeding event over 85km/h for longer than 15 seconds 30%
Harsh Braking Any registered harsh braking event 10%
Fatigue Driving Day Any distance travelled over 300km or 4 hours without stopping 20%
Fatigue Driving Night Any distance travelled over 150km or 2.15 hours without stopping 20%
Kilometers Travelled Minimum km per 2 week cycle - Long haul: 2500km - Short haul: 1500km 20%


Reward Score
R200 9-10
R150 8-8.9
R100 7-7.9
R50 6-6.9
R20 5-5.9
R0 0-4.9

Terms and Conditions

  • Hollard’s decision in respect of any reward is final.
  • Hollard will not be held liable for any 3rd party system down time or system breaches and/or any points that are lost as a result hereof.
  • Rewards will be paid on the 15th and 30th of each month with a capped amount of R400.00 per calendar month per driver.
  • You will be liable for any card replacement fees.
  • Hollard will not be held liable for any damages or losses which may occur as a result of theft or lost cards and /or negligence by either the driver or the Company.
  • All rewards will be forfeited at the discretion of Hollard in the case of any fraudulent scheme, trick or device or false pretense practiced by the driver or the Company or any person having custody or possession of the vehicle.
  • All rewards awarded in respect of this loyalty program will be forfeited from the date of any fraudulent conduct.
  • No insurance will be offered on the monetary reward paid and nor will such awards be applied to any insurance premiums payable.
  • The rewards will not be transferrable.
  • Should the insured have outstanding amounts payable to Hollard as at the premium due date, the program will be cancelled with immediate effect.
  • Hollard will not be held liable for any costs including but not limited to, the replacement and maintenance of any driver ID tags.
  • Should the tracking device be faulty or the warranty lapses or the vehicle is in for repairs, or the devices are not repaired to the manufacturers approved standard, no rewards will be granted until such time that the tracking device meets the standards as determined by Hollard and is in working order.
  • Hollard reserves the right to discontinue this program by providing you with 90 days written notice.
  • Hollard will not be liable for any tax consequences or any other levies which may arise.
  • Hollard reserves the right to amend the loyalty program and terms and conditions of the loyalty program by providing 30 days written notice.




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