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Helping to protect informal settlements from fire

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About Lumkani

Lumkani leverages the power of South African-developed technology to alert residents of informal settlements to the risk of runaway fires, while also offering them a means to protect their hard-won possessions. 

At the heart of the offering is a robust, easy-to-install, low-cost fire alarm, developed specifically for informal environments, that uses simple cellphone technology to alert the device owner to a potential fire threat. The device is designed to communicate with other such devices nearby, creating a network that can help communities better manage their fire risk.   

Hollard’s low-cost, tech-enabled insurance product provides cover in the event a fire cannot be contained, ensuring that homeowners can not only rebuild their shelter in the event, but they can also replace their precious possessions. 

Lumkani is just one of the ways we’re taking the power of insurance to where it is most needed. Enabling better futures for more people.

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