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About Inclusive Insurance

Some communities remain uninsured. Not because they don’t want insurance, but because they simply can’t access it. Or can’t afford it. That’s why we’ve developed a range of value-for-money, easy-to-access products that make peace of mind accessible to all. And we’re always looking for ways to increase this range:

  • Our PEP funeral cover is a great example. It’s a lifesaver when a loved one passes on. By partnering with SA’s largest retail brand, we made affordable funeral policy packages readily available at 1500 PEP till points across the country. 
  • Our My Life and More product makes it easier for funeral policyholders to consolidate their cover so they only pay one service fee. 
  • Our partnership with Lumkani enables those living in informal housing to protect what is dear to them from the ravages of fire. 

Because underserved communities deserve Better Futures.

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