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Helping black-owned businesses enjoy better futures

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About Enterprise & Supplier Development

We believe every business needs to play a part in transforming South Africa’s economic landscape into one that is more inclusive. 

We’re changing things by creating sustainable opportunities for black entrepreneurs within our supply chain. By providing access to affordable funding, practical business development support, training, networking opportunities and access to new markets, our ESD program is making a significant impact on young black entrepreneurs.   

We’ve only just begun, but we’re aiming to have over 50% of our procurement spend directed at businesses that are more than 50% black–owned by 2025. Especially exciting for us was the fact that among our first ESD candidates were 18 Hollardites!  

By creating transformational opportunities within our supply chain, these young businesses become more than just suppliers, they become part of the Hollard family. And that enables better futures for themselves, for their employees, and the country. 

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We believe there is a better way to help black-owned businesses grow

At Hollard, we think that one of the most meaningfully transformative things we can do is to help create and support small black businesses, by assisting them with access to funding, business development support, networking opportunities and training. 

So, in the true spirit of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, we’ve established an Enterprise and Supplier Development programme that focuses on providing opportunities for black-owned businesses to become suppliers to Hollard.   

Through the ESD programme, small enterprises that meet the qualifying criteria can access the following: 

  • Financial support (in the form of loans at 0% interest, with deferred payment terms or grants).
  • Business support (such as access to accounting, HR, legal, and training resources).
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities.
  • Access to markets.

To qualify, they must be at least 51% black-owned and must also:  

  • be an existing, or potential, supplier to Hollard (with a contract or letter of intent).
  • support Hollard’s overall strategy (as well as a specific business unit or organisational support unit strategy).
  • benefit the overall insurance value chain. 

From the businesses we are supporting, we’re delighted to have on board, various suppliers working with us in all areas of our business, from the corporate side of the business to the claims side of the business as well as distribution. 

Take a look at some of our ESD initiatives

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