Fire Safety

Helping municipalities manage fire risk

Fire safety demonstrated by two firemen holding a firehose

About Fire Safety

The risk of devastation caused by fire has been around since the beginning of civilisation. As insurers, we’re all too familiar with the cost of uncontrolled fire outbreaks.  

Because it’s in our mutual best interests, we’ve partnered with several municipalities to reduce the frequency and severity of fires in their neck of the woods. And we’re hoping to extend these partnerships to have an even greater impact.  

In Tshwane and Coega, we’ve partnered with municipalities to improve the condition of fire hydrants, which are critical to any firefighting efforts. We’ve also contributed to easing the youth unemployment problem, by employing previously jobless young people to inspect, repaint and report damaged fire hydrants. We’re currently servicing more than 6,000 fire hydrants and are planning to add to this number as the model becomes more established.  

In the Cape Winelands, we’ve partnered with other insurers to sponsor two fire-fighting helicopters and two 4×4 fuel bowsers to assist in the fight against runaway wildfires, which have recently been the cause of much destruction in the Western Cape. 

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