Welcome to Hollard InstaStory Books! Together with Kago Ya Bana, we want to help create more opportunities for kids to read. This is where you come in. You can help contribute to a whole new type of children’s books. See the folding instructions below to help you turn a newly imagined Instagram Story printout into a pocket-sized book, ready for any story time occasion.

InstaStory Book Library

Check out the stories we have collected so far. If any grab your fancy, just hit the print button to send them from the screen right into your hands. The folding instructions below will help you turn your printout into a pocket- sized book, ready for any story time occasion.

How to fold your InstaStory

Follow the cutting and folding diagram below and voilà! - you have successfully converted an InstaStory into a ready-to-read InstaStory Book.

About Kago Ya Bana

Hollard is a proud supporter of Kago Ya Bana, a program that is passionate about making a lasting contribution to building a strong foundation for South African children to reach their full potential. By partnering with local and national government, NGOs and communities, they aim to provide children with love and care, adequate nutrition, a stimulating environment, and access to services that will enable them to grow and thrive. Find out more about the program here.