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Get paid out between R120,000 and R200,000 per matter

Our Legal Plan protects you against any civil, labour or criminal matters you may be facing, so you can get the issue resolved as quickly as possible, with minimal costs to you.

Legal matters covered

  • Criminal matters
  • Civil matters
  • Labour matters
  • ID theft

Other benefits

  • Legal advice
  • Free standard legal documents
  • Free 30-minute legal consultation
  • Free letter of demand
  • Find a lawyer

How it works

Choose from five legal insurance cover levels per matter, as well as access to a variety of legal plan benefits.

Cover Amount Legal Insurance Premium Funeral and Legal Combo Premium
R60,000   R50


R120,000 R120  
R150,000 R130  
R200,000 R150  


Who is covered by this policy:

Only the policyholder, their partner and their children. There is no cover or discounts for extended family. 

Waiting Periods:

Three (3) months waiting period applies from the policy start date for legal costs claims.
This means that we will not cover legal costs if the cause of action took place within 3 months after the policy start date.
The policyholder can still use the legal advice helpline during the waiting period.
Should this policy come to an end and we issue a new policy, the waiting period will apply again from the new policy start date. 


An excess applies as stated in your policy schedule.

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Mon-Fri : 08:00 –17:00 Sat:  08:30 – 13:00

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