To Sue Or Not To Sue - It Should Not Be About Affordability

Published on Jan 19, 2016
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There is nothing like hearing the words “I am going to sue you” to get you thinking about legal insurance. The threat of a lawsuit can put a squeeze on your heart and rattle your nerves. The outcome of a lawsuit is very unpredictable, even if you hold the moral high ground, technicalities and mistakes can leave you out of pocket, regardless of your position. Going it alone is never a good idea and you should always get legal representation. Generally speaking, there are very few happy endings when it comes to lawsuits because whether you are the aggrieved party or the target of a legal dispute, it’s going to cost you money - and lots of it. Very few people plan for legal expenses in their budgets so a legal matter can turn your finances upside down.

Affordability is perhaps one of the reasons many people don’t pursue a claim when they have been wronged. This can be very frustrating because the perpetrator or event that needs legal intervention goes unresolved.  Investing in a Legal Plan can assist you to get yourself out of hot water, or help you get justice when someone has done something illegal that affects you. An initial consultation with a lawyer can cost anywhere, between R900 and R2500 depending on the matter you need to be resolved. This initial fee may be too much for the average person’s budget so they can’t even get the most basic advice.

Sometimes all it takes for a legal dispute to be resolved is one letter from a qualified attorney and a quick resolution of this nature should be within the grasp of every citizen.

Legal Insurance is a cost-effective way to afford this vital cover when you need it. It protects you against any civil, labour or criminal matter you may find yourself facing. You can choose from several different plans depending on the premium you can afford (which is as little as R75 per month). The amount of coverage ranges from R75,000 to R200,000 per matter.

Benefits of a legal plan include murder, culpable homicide, rape, robbery, assault, blackmail, theft, housebreaking, fraud, breaking and entering, as well as attempting to commit any of the foregoing.

It also covers civil matters such as motor vehicle accidents, insurance claims, money lent privately (not for business), road accident fund claims, neighbour disputes and contractual disputes with building contractors. In addition to all of the above, you can get assistance with disciplinary hearings, unfair dismissals, labour court and the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration.

To go through life without one legal dispute is rare, preparing for this possibility is an important part of your budgeting. So if someone ever says “So sue me” they may well be eating their words when your plan kicks into action.

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