A Lawyer In Your Pocket

Published on Nov 17, 2014
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You never know when you may need the skills of a talented lawyer. In those moments, wouldn’t it be convenient to have one in your back pocket that you could call on instead of going through the lengthy process of trying to find a reputable lawyer that doesn’t charge the earth?

You may think that legal issues will never affect you, but they can happen more often than you think - from dealing with employment issues at work to settling disputes regarding school fees if the matter goes to an attorney. In these situations, getting a legal plan is like having a lawyer in your back pocket; someone who’s ready and waiting in your corner to protect you from life’s knocks.

Imagine that you’ve worked hard for a company for over 10 years. You’ve given them your loyalty, your time and your skills and have always been a model employee. But then something happens within the business and they retrench you. Only, you don’t feel your retrenchment package is fair. What do you do?

Most people would have to swallow their pride and walk away. But if you had a lawyer in your pocket you could whip out, thanks to your legal plan, they’d be able to fight for your rights and probably get a much better result than you’d be able to get on your own.

Or, let’s say you’ve just got your foot onto the property ladder. You may have been saving for years and are really excited as you get the keys to your new pad. But soon after you move in, you discover that your new neighbours have the unfortunate hobby of building cars. They rev their engines late into the night and no amount of polite pleading from you or even intervening from the police has any effect. You can’t sleep, and your health starts to be negatively affected. Having a lawyer on your side in this situation can be very helpful to help you reach a friendly resolution with your fellow residents.

A legal plan can also help you in many other situations, such as dealing with debt counselling, helping with medical aid queries and obtaining firearm licenses.

Let’s face it though - lawyers aren't cheap, and can often charge a high hourly rate. The Hollard Legal Plan is a way to get access to expert legal advice whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, without straining your wallet.

Go to the Hollard Legal Plan if you need any more information on getting legal insurance.

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