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  • What is Trade Credit Insurance?

    We know that maintaining cash flow so you can grow a business is always tricky, and even more so in today’s economy. After all, if you deliver goods or services on credit, just one bad debtor can cripple your entire supply chain. With Hollard Trade Credit cover, our expert underwriters can help you make good credit decisions, by working through the information on each debtor. Together with our industry understanding, this means we can provide the right credit management and risk transfer mechanisms to help guide your business when it comes to offering the right amount of credit to each client. With Hollard Trade Credit insurance, you can steadily grow your turnover by keeping a closer eye on your debtor’s book.

    The document below provides a detailed explanation of the five key touch points you will encounter when engaging with us. It will take you through the following documentation:

    1. A product overview and what separates us from other insurers
    2. How to get a quote
    3. How to understand a quote (once we have quoted)
    4. What you will need to provide to on-board a policy
    5. What is required to manage a policy monthly, including what to do should you need to claim

    Comprehensive Debtor Policy

    Complete this form if you’d like us to cover a comprehensive selection of your debtor’s book. Premiums here are calculated on turnover or outstanding balances.

     Single (Named) Policy

    Send us the credit application or complete this form if you’d like us to quote on a specific debtor. We need one form per debtor and will provide a quotation per debtor.

    Why get your trade credit covered by Hollard Trade Credit Cover?

    Keep your cash flowing. Keep your business growing.

    Our understanding of trade credit helps you make better decisions and minimises your risk. By linking effective credit management and risk transfer, we perform a holistic credit check on your chosen debtors to ensure you have all the knowledge you need. Not only do our experts offer guidance but our unique, market-leading trade credit cover allows your business to buy insurance on a selected debtor basis – think of it as cover tailored to your bottom line. Acting as security, this policy also allows you to inject the cash flow you need when you need it.

    What makes us different?

    We understand the rhythms of business and use this knowledge to manage your risk. Here’s why you need Hollard’s Trade Credit  insurance:

    • It’s customisable: Our cover allows you to select the risks you want to insure and set your own limits.
    • It’s simple: We price your risk on individual debtors so that you can determine the correlation between risk and cost and make better business decisions.
    • Rapid claims process: Get paid when you should be paid - without waiting periods.
    • Broad market offering: We cover businesses of all sizes, across most industries.
    • It’s affordable: Our trade credit insurance offers competitive and negotiable rates.
    • Partner-driven: We believe in building long term relationships that benefit us both.

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    Contact us to find out more:

    Gareth Joubert
    087 703 0936 

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