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  • What Drone Insurance offers.

    Our specialist partner, iTOO's Drone Insurance covers loss, damage and liability related to the drone itself, as well as premises, hangarkeepers and product liability. You can also insure against loss of data collected by your drone. Hollard’s Drone Insurance cover is available throughout South Africa and is suitable for organisations in any sector of the economy.

    Why choose us.

    What sets the Hollard drone policy apart is that we only insure registered drones that are operated by qualified drone pilots. In this way we are able to minimise drone owners’ risk and keep premiums to a minimum. Insured operators must hold a remote pilot’s licence (RPL), which entails:

    • Passing a medical exam in order to determine your physical competence
    • Obtain a radio telephony licence, which includes knowing all the rules that govern the act of flying a drone for commercial purposes
    • Passing theory and practical exams
    • Being at least 18 years old
    • Being proficient in English in order to comply with international air control standards

    Anyone interested in obtaining a RPL need not own a drone or have any experience in flying one. Hollard has close ties with SA’s leading drone pilot training schools, and the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Through these relationships we can help you to get licensed, registered, insured and up in the air!

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