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  • Clarendon Transport Underwriters 

    Email: info@ctu.co.za

    Telephone: (011) 274 1300

    Emergency Number for accidents: 0860 464 694

    Emergency Number for windscreens: 0860 445 274

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    As specialist insurers for the minibus taxi industry, we provide a range of taxi insurance, ranging from comprehensive to basic cover against theft, hijacking or accidents.

    Who We Are 

    Clarendon Transport Underwriters (CTU) was established in 1991, specifically to cater to the growing insurance needs of the taxi industry in South Africa. Since then we’ve grown from strength to strength: today Clarendon covers more than 90% of insured minibus taxis in South Africa.

    What We Do 

    Our range of taxi insurance products is specifically designed for the minibus taxi industry. Choose between comprehensive taxi insurance or 50/50 taxi insurance, which allows you as the taxi owner to insure a vehicle that is no longer under a hire purchase agreement.

    Our insurance products cover damages, accidents as well as theft or hijacking. We also offer additional taxi insurance services such as passenger liability, third party liability extended cover and personal accident cover. 

    Why Choose Us 

    We’re focused on meeting the unique needs of the taxi industry, and protecting your interests as a taxi driver. Here’s why you should insure with us:

    1. We’re experienced. Our track record and dominant market position over the past 20 years means we can give you the best products for the local taxi industry, managed by the most knowledgeable people.
    2. We streamline our claims process. No matter which type of cover you have, your claim will be dealt with quickly and efficiently, with the minimum amount of hassle to you.
    3. We know the market. No one knows the unique South African taxi insurance market like we do, which means we can be flexible and adapt our services and products as the market changes.

    What We Offer

    If you work in the taxi industry or own an asset within it, you’ll face a number of risks involved with transporting people on a regular basis. This could result in large personal injury costs for passengers, drivers or owners if the taxi they’re travelling in is involved in an accident.

    Our taxi insurance is essential to cover you against the risks of people being injured or even killed while on a taxi. Our cover includes: 

    • Passenger liability: These are costs should you be held legally responsible for death or injury to passengers in your vehicle if you or your driver cause the accident due to negligence (over and above what they have claimed from the RAF). This is not included in the standard policy and is an additional benefit.
    • Loss of income: if you’re unable to work because your vehicle is damaged and it needs to be repaired.
    • Deposit protector: If your vehicle has been damaged, stolen or hijacked and you need to purchase a new one, our taxi insurance will provide you with the deposit money to do this.

    The best part? If you don’t have any claims (including windscreen) for a period of three years, we’ll reward you by refunding 10% of your premiums. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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