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Where expertise meets collaboration in the world of commuter transport insurance! As trailblazing specialists, we are your go-to partner for top-tier insurance ranging from comprehensive to basic cover against theft, hijacking or accidents.

Who we are

We are an expert insurance Underwriting Management Agency for the Commuter Taxi and Bus industries, providing a range of comprehensive insurance products, benefits, and services.

At CTU we believe that The Taxi and Bus owners are the horsepower behind the well-oiled engine that is the commuter transport industry and that they are largely unrecognized for the contributions and sacrifices they make, not only, towards the commuter transport community, but also towards our country and its economy. To keep their wheels rolling we have paid over R444 million in claims over the last 12 months, with a repudiation rate of 1.4%.

What we do

We offer Taxi, Bus, E-hailing, Scholar and Staff transport, Shuttle Service and Tourism transport insurance cover.

Our insurance products cover damages, accidents as well as theft or hijacking. We also offer additional taxi and bus insurance services such as passenger liability, third-party liability extended cover and personal accident cover.

Why choose us?

CTU has travelled for more than 30 years with the Taxi and Bus Insurance Industries learning and growing together.  Our priority has always been to keep our policyholders’ vehicles on the road by offering a bespoke line of products that protects their assets.

We are committed to enabling a respected and safe commuter transport community that is sustainable for all, by working in collaboration with our national network of brokers and the Taxi and Bus Associations.

We’re experienced

We are the only Taxi and Bus Underwriting Management Agency that has more than 30 years of experience under the hood. We have consistently provided the best products to meet the needs of the industries we work with. We also have a committed, experienced, and professional team that understands that our policyholders’ vehicles are the most important assets to their business.

We’re affordable!

We understand the impact of rising fuel, tyres, and spares prices. This is why we offer our policyholders budget-friendly and competitive insurance premiums without cutting corners or disappointing them when they need to claim.

What we offer

We distinguish ourselves as the only Underwriting Management Agency with extensive experience in the taxi and bus industry, offering budget-friendly premiums, excesses, and a unique feature of free passenger liability cover in all comprehensive insurance policies. Our commitment extends to building a sustainable and respected commuter transport community through collaboration with national broker networks and transportation associations.

Key offerings

  • Mini-bus Taxi Insurance: Comprehensive cover tailored for mini-bus taxis.
  • Bus Insurance: Comprehensive cover for vehicles with a seating capacity of 36 or more.
  • E-hailing and Metered Taxi Insurance: Tailored cover for Uber, Taxify, e-hailing, and metered taxi-type vehicles.
  • Shuttle Insurance: Comprehensive cover for transport services operating over short distances.
  • Scholar Transport Insurance: Comprehensive cover for vehicles exclusively transporting school kids.
  • Travel and Tourism Insurance: Comprehensive cover for providers in the tourism transport industry.

Specialised products

  • Glass Cover Standalone: Ensures cover for unexpected damage to the vehicle's window glass.
  • Total Loss Cover: Offers 100% cover of the vehicle's retail value in the case of theft, hijack, or write-off.
  • Accident Loss Assist: Provides assistance to taxi owners without insurance who suffer damage or loss as innocent parties in accidents.

Value-added products

  • Loss of Income: Ensures daily payouts for repairable vehicles and lump sum options for total loss situations.
  • Personal Accident: Our personal accident cover ensures cover for the owner, driver, and passengers in case of accidents leading to unfortunate events.
  • Excess Reducer: This product reduces your excess by R 4000 at a small cost if your vehicle is out of commission.
  • Cash Back: Offers 10% cashback reward on your premium after three claim-free years, putting money back in your pocket.
  • Deposit Protector: Offers eligible policyholders, compensation for vehicle write-offs or unrecovered thefts.
  • Instalment Protector: Provides peace of mind during repairs. We cover your instalments while your taxi's in the shop.
  • Legal Advice: Empowers policyholders with 24/7 access to professional legal advice and essential documents, from contracts to consultations.
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