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  • What is Art/Antiques Insurance?

    While your collection of art, antiques or collectables may be irreplaceable, you’ll still want to be financially compensated if they’re lost, stolen or damaged. Through our specialist partners Artinsure, you can get affordable, tailormade Art and Antiques Insurance. We cover both private and corporate collectors including antique dealers, auction houses and fine art dealers, as well as restorers, specialist packers, shippers and artists. We also cover museums and exhibitions. 

    Benefits of Art/Antiques Insurance:

    • We’re experienced. Artinsure knows the art world backwards and at Hollard we know insurance, so we’re able to deliver an art insurance solution that truly delivers. 
    • We’re affordable. Our unrivalled expertise in the area of art collection means we can offer extremely competitive pricing. 
    • You get comprehensive cover. We cover a wide range of objects beyond works of art including metalware, musical instruments, books, carpets, antiques and period furniture, ceramics, precious metals, sporting memorabilia and more. 
    • You can tailor your cover. Choose how you want to cover your valuable art and antiques, for example deciding when to declare an item a total loss, and choosing which items to add to your all risks schedule. 

    More Infomation

    Read more information on what Artinsure covers click here.

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