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About Artinsure

While art and collectables are appreciating assets, damage to any item usually spells immediate devaluation – even where professional restoration is possible. Our products are specifically structured to ensure your financial interests in your appreciating assets are protected and we provide full coverage for loss, theft or damage, whether the items are on your premises, in transit or entrusted to third parties.

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Who is it for?

We cover antique dealers, auction houses and fine art dealers, as well as museums, exhibitions, restorers, specialist packers, shippers, and artists.

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What is covered?

With our insurance for art, antiques and collectables in South Africa, you can be covered for a wide range of objects beyond works of art including metalware, musical instruments, books, carpets, antiques and period furniture, ceramics, precious metals, sporting memorabilia and more.  

Why Hollard and iTOO Artinsure?

We’re experienced

We are underwriting managers with an exclusive focus on art, collectables, photographic equipment and related assets.

You get comprehensive cover

By combining our passion and expertise in these assets and insurance – together with our excellent global networks in both - we have a complete and unique understanding of this specialist asset class. This enables us to provide tailored and cost-competitive solutions to meet your unique risk protection needs.

We’re affordable

Our unrivalled expertise in the area of art collection means we can offer extremely competitive pricing when it comes to art insurance.

You can tailor your cover

Choose how you want to cover your valuable art, antiques and collectables in South Africa, for example, deciding when to declare an item a total loss, and choosing which items to add to your all-risks schedule.

Additional information

At iTOO Artinsure, we have a passion for art, in all its forms, which is why we understand the attachment clients have for the items they own – be they sentimental, aesthetic, historic or economic. As an art insurance company, we have:

  • Expert knowledge around art and collectables.
  • Expert knowledge around photographic equipment.
  • Excellent understanding of the risks underpinning art assets.
  • An array of options to protect your assets.
  • Uncomplicated processes and competitive pricing.

How to get cover

All Artinsure business must be done via independent brokers, so please ask your broker to contact us if you’d like to get a quote for your art, collectables or photographic equipment.

If you do not have a broker and would like us to recommend possible FAIS-registered brokers trained in our products, please fill in your details on our Find a Broker page.

If you are a broker and would like more details about our cover, please contact one of our product experts.

Questions about Hollard Art, Antiques & Collectables Insurance?

Call our Art, Antiques & Collectables Insurance specialists on
0861 111 096 or email

Call Claims on
0861 000 107 or email

Frequently asked

Why do artworks, collectables and valuables need to be separately insured?

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It’s likely that standard asset insurance policies won’t be sufficient for appreciating assets like art, collectables and valuables collections if they are lost, stolen or damaged. Works of art, collectables and valuables are unique and therefore irreplaceable, and even where professional restoration is possible, damage to any item may devalue it. By taking advantage of Artinsure’s specialist art insurance, collectors can ensure that their financial interests in their appreciating assets are fully protected.

How do you get valuations for artworks, collectables and valuables?

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Although we don’t value the works ourselves, we have a panel of independent appraisers covering an extensive range of collectables. The valuer charges a separate fee which is for the client’s own account.

Is there a minimum sum insured?

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No, but we do apply minimum premiums.

What commissions and fees are there?

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All art insurance premiums quoted contain a 20% commission payable to the broker. We don’t charge fees but brokers who we deal with may charge additional fees, which must be disclosed to you.

What do we do if the client has a claim?

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Our claims process is our expertise. Let us know as soon as possible (the earlier the better to minimise loss) and we’ll manage the entire process, with the key aim being to return your client to the same financial position they were in prior to the claim.

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