Critical Illness.

Cover for unexpected costs that come with a serious illness.

Take care of those costs. Take care of yourself.

We don’t joke about how life-changing getting a critical illness can be. That’s why you need serious insurance that covers any lifestyle changes you need to make, as well as any extra costs your medical aid won’t pay for.

Living through a serious illness isn’t only hard on you – it’s also hard on your loved ones. Get critical illness cover that pays out a lump sum that you can use any way you choose: whether it’s employing a nurse so your family can take a break, or covering extra treatment your medical aid won’t pay for. 

We also offer Comprehensive Cancer Cover that covers a range of cancers, from stage 0 to stage 4. If cancer is in your future,  with Hollard the only thing you need to worry about is your return to health. Get the finances taken care of, so you and your family can take care of each other. Find out more about our Cancer Cover here.

Why choose our critical illness cover?
  • You’ll be paid out a tax-free lump sum to cover costs related to your illness.
  • Receive up to R7.5 million to cover any lifestyle changes and medical costs.
  • It covers 57 serious illnesses including heart attacks, strokes and cancer.
  • It also covers your children for all 57 illnesses, at no extra cost.
  • It includes a bonus benefit that covers you if you spend time in hospital for an accident or illness not already covered

Added Benefits:

Crisis Waver
  • You won’t have to pay the premiums on your critical illness cover for up to 3 months if you face a serious life-changing event
  • Covers you for a wide range of life-changing events including divorce, retrenchment or the death of a spouse
  • Includes a cash-back benefit after every 5 claim-free years
Long-Term Care
  • Covers you for full-time care with a registered frail care facility, hospice or nursing home or with a registered medical professional
  • Makes monthly payments of up to R30 000 after you turn 65
  • Includes a death benefit before and after you turn 65

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Comprehensive Cancer Cover

Pays up to R1 million and covers a range of cancers. This cover can be taken by itself and doesn’t need to be added to you critical illness cover. Fill in a call me back to find out more.