• Date posted: 13 Oct 2016

    Legal Insurance – is it worth the premium?

    Legal cover is a type of insurance you can buy alongside other policies to protect yourself against the potential costs of legal action. But what is the real cost of having or not having cover? ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 19 Jan 2016

    To Sue Or Not To Sue - It Should Not Be About Affordability

    To Sue or Not To Sue - Don't loose out because you can't afford a lawsuit or lawyers fees. ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 17 Nov 2014

    A Lawyer in your Pocket

    You never know when you may need the skills of a talented lawyer. In those moments, wouldn’t it be convenient to have one in your back pocket that you could call on instead of going through the lengthy process of trying ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 13 Nov 2014

    Working the 9-5? Know Your Employee Rights.

    Love your job? Absolutely hate it? Somewhere in the middle? No matter how you feel about work, it’s always a good idea to know your rights as an employee. ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 26 Sep 2014

    5 Situations Where Legal Insurance Can Help

    It’s never pleasant to be involved in a legal dispute. Besides the emotional stress of being in a conflict with someone else, the financial pressure of paying for legal fees and related expenses can be overwhelming. ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 17 Sep 2014

    What is Legal Insurance?

    Having legal insurance in South Africa is especially important, as you never know when you’ll be faced with costly legal charges. Besides these unexpected costs, you could also suffer emotionally from the conflict with a ... READ MORE >