Hollard supports the Kaizer Chiefs and is involved in various other projects and events.


It takes balls to run through peak-hour traffic wearing nothing but a Speedo. But, it’s all worth it. Why?

Because cancer doesn’t choose age, colour or body shape. It impacts everyone – in fact, 1 in 6 South African men are affected by it in their lifetimes. For more, find out here www.daredevilrun.com

Hollard JURA and Hollard JUMA


Unique and challenging, both the JURA (Jozi Urban Running Adventure) and the JUMA (Jozi Urban MTB adventure) offer competitors a view of Jozi like no other.  

Travelling through the suburbs of Jozi along the Braamfontein spruit, using storm drains, bridges and underwater tunnels, these races are experiences not to be missed.

BASA Awards


The annual BASA Awards, jointly sponsored by Hollard & Business Day, is the only awards ceremony that acknowledges business support of and partnerships in the arts in South Africa.
The BASA Awards recognise and encourage excellence and innovation in the field of business support for the arts. Imaginative, innovative, and cost-effective partnerships between business and the arts are highlighted, demonstrating the potential for synergy, the window of mutual opportunity, and the far reaching benefits for business, for the arts, and for all South Africans


The Largest Exterior Mosaic


Hollard’s love of the South African arts scene led us to the commissioning of a magnificent piece of work by the Spier Architectural Arts Academy.

Kaizer Chiefs


At Hollard, we’re excited about the extension of our on-going sponsorship with Kaizer Chiefs Football Club, one of South Africa’s most famous and best-supported soccer clubs.

Contemporary Art


The Villa Arcadia and our offices house a large collection of contemporary South African art – a testament to our on-going and passionate support for South African artists and their work.