Requirements to become a supplier

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Apply to become a supplier

Download our Guide: Minimum Entry & Selection 

Kindly note 

Applying does not mean that you will automatically become a preferred supplier to Hollard. 

All costs incurred by applicants will be at their own expense. 

Hollard Group Procurement will not enter into any further discussions regarding the outcome of the application. 

Our preferred service providers are selected in terms of carefully calculated supply and demand selection criteria. 

We, therefore, endeavour to support preferred suppliers with meaningful volumes of work.

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Types of service providers

If you offer any of the below services and would like to become a Hollard supplier, contact us today.

Motor suppliers

  • Auto sound and security/ locksmith 
  • Car hire 
  • Glass 
  • Panel beaters 
  • Towing 
  • Accessories 
  • Mechanical vehicle repairs 
  • Spare parts 
  • Salvage 
  • Mags and tyres 

Non-motor suppliers 

  • Audiovisual repair and replace 
  • Building contractors 
  • Communications 
  • Computer equipment and peripherals 
  • Electrical repair and replace 
  • Jewellery 
  • Music media (CDs, videos, etc.) 
  • Plumbers and geysers 
  • Retailers 
  • Appliances repair and replace 
  • Carpets and flooring 
  • Gate motors repair and replace 
  • Pools and spas repair and replace 
  • Optometrists and sunglasses 
  • Outdoor equipment 
  • Sporting goods 
  • Bicycles 

General and specialist

  • Service providers 
  • Accident reconstruction specialists 
  • Attorneys 
  • Audit assessors 
  • Emergency assistance 
  • Investigators 
  • Loss adjusters 
  • Motor assessors 
  • Motor salvage 
  • Surveyors 
  • Specialist services (BEE) 
  • Third-party recovery and defence 
  • Tracing agents 
  • Vehicle tracking 
  • Weather bureau 
  • Non-motor assessor 

Hollard internal spend - maintenance, repairs and operations

Building services

Cleaning, alterations to building, etc.

Business delivery services

Mail services and courier services.


Courses and seminars.

Business infrastructure

Equipment rental, furniture, office machines, security and vehicles.


Advertising, promotional items and merchandising.

Information technology

Computer software and maintenance, and networking.

Office services and supplies

Stationery, catering, food services and flowers.


Telephone systems and data lines.

Professional services

Accounting, consulting, legal services and staff recruitment.