Doing Good.

Through the business that we do, and the way we do business.

We have always maintained  that “insurance is, at its core, an instrument for social good, a fundamental enabler of progress. By ensuring that potentially catastrophic or devastating setbacks are mitigated, we enable people to take the risks that must be taken if we are to progress as a society.”  

So, by doing what we do every day, we enable more people to create and secure a better future. 

Insurance for low-income consumers

Because formal insurance has traditionally not been accessible to low-income consumers, we have developed a number of initiatives to deliver value for money products to these markets, thereby enabling more people to enjoy the very real benefits that appropriate insurance products can deliver. We already insure more than 2,5 million consumers in this segment, but our work is far from done. We have set ourselves bold growth targets, and are in the process of extending our range of solutions to include affordable short-term insurance products and savings and credit solutions for these consumers, in order to meet their needs appropriately.

But we also do good through the way we go about our business. 


Employee Volunteering.

And finally there are is our well established Employee Volunteering Programme (EVP), which provides Hollardites with a range of opportunities to volunteer, including volunteering at CSI projects (ECD centres, schools or after-care projects) or our environmental project.

Other volunteering pillars include payroll-giving, grants to community projects supported by individual staff members in their personal capacity (Thusano), in-house collection campaigns, food-packaging events, skills volunteering and support of Take a Girl Child to Work and Tomorrow’s Man and rnational CSI days, such as the Cansa Shavathon and Mandela Day.

Through our actions, we can bring about positive systemic change and enable more people to create and secure a better future.