Our People

The people with the best people win

an illustration representing the creative minds of our people

About our people

We call our people ‘Hollardites’. Without these extraordinary individuals, we wouldn’t be who we are.

We’ve worked hard at creating a culture where everyone feels they belong, where everyone can be their best selves and make us better. Every Hollardite is here for a reason, to help us deliver our purpose wholeheartedly. 

We’ve created a home for the best minds (and hearts!)

We believe in investing in our people; in listening to every voice in the room; and in creating opportunities for personal growth.  

We believe in education, so we provide learning opportunities for Hollardites AND their families. Because becoming the favourite employer is the ultimate game-changer.  

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We are committed to further expanding our footprint on the African continent, helping secure a better future for us all.