Investments philosophy & process.

Our clients' Investment objectives and requirements are central to our entire process, and inform all that we do.

Our investment philosophy

We are multi-managers, which means that we focus on the strategic and tactical positioning of investment portfolios relating to asset classes, manager selection and manager combinations, while outsourcing the selection of underlying securities to competent asset managers. In tackling this, we are informed by four guiding principles:

Simplicity – Offering basic, core investment products is our first priority. More niched offerings like industry- or sector-specific funds are not our current focus. 

Purpose – Our range of unit trust funds is designed to give clients a flexible set of the building blocks required to achieve their investment objectives.

Quality – We aim for ‘best in class’ asset allocation and manager selection decisions, based on diligent quantitative and qualitative research.

Reliability – Our approach to risk is to take as little as possible, and only as much as necessary to achieve defined investment objectives for our clients. This means that we prefer consistent incremental performance to occasional stellar performance.

Our investment process

Our investment process starts with a careful objective-setting exercise that we conduct with our institutional clients.

Develop investment strategy - we determine the asset allocation most likely to our achieve clients’ required returns.

Implement investment strategy - we capture the powerful market drivers of return to optimise the strategy (using ‘passive’ options such as ETF’s and index-enhanced portfolios, or ‘active’ options, involving an asset manager or combination of managers).

Report to clients - we communicate the actions taken in managing an asset portfolio and the outcomes. We outline: why results occurred; how risks have been spread by diversification across asset classes; and compliance with legislation and diversification.

Monitor investment performance - we keep a close watch on realised performance relative to clients’ benchmarks and objectives.