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  • Are you winding up a deceased estate? Setting up a trust? Operating as a curator? Managing a liquidation?

    We’re experts in the complexities of the fiduciary and insolvency industries, and the needs of specialist practitioners such as attorneys, accountants, trustees, executors, curators and liquidators. Such professionals can have complete peace of mind that their bonds are provided by a respected, industry-leading insurer.

    We provide, within 24 hours, a variety of tailored guarantees to the fiduciary and insolvency industries, including the following:

    • Executor bonds: we offer executor bonds to attorneys, accountants and other professionals specialising in deceased estates. We also offer attorneys top-up cover on bonds that exceed their Law Society limits.
    • Trustee bonds: these are for trustees requiring bonds to the satisfaction of the Master of the High Court. They frequently relate to trusts set up in the administration of Road Accident Fund and medical negligence payment proceeds.
    • Curator bonds: we provide for curator bonds of all sizes. We do both curator bonis bonds relating to incapacitated persons' estates, and curator bonds linked to Asset Forfeiture Unit applications brought in terms of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act.
    • Liquidation bonds: we understand the nature of liquidation bonds, including the short timelines for practitioners to obtain certificates of appointment. Coupled with our efficient service, we have sufficient capacity to service even the largest of bonds in the market.
    • Asset insurance: this bond is for executors of deceased estates and liquidators. Tailored wording, a simple application process and flexible payment terms favour executors and allow for insurance to be obtained efficiently. Our product addresses shortcomings in traditional policy wordings that expose an executor or liquidator to potential fiduciary liability, and prevent them from protecting client interests.

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    Speak to us (or your broker) about how we can support you to do your fiduciary duty – we’re only a phone call away.

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