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    Moving cargo – whether by ship, road, air or rail – is laden with risks and poses a unique set of challenges for importers, exporters, professional hauliers, ship repairers, shipbuilders, charterers, project managers, financial institutions and stevedores alike.

    Marine insurance exists to mitigate these risks. And Hollard is one of South Africa’s leading insurance companies when it comes to sourcing and securing cargo insurance covers.

    Our experienced specialist Hollard Marine team has the technical skill to analyse and assess the most complex shipping cases. This allows us to provide you, the insurance broker, and your customers with appropriate risk management advice and shipping insurance solutions for imports and exports of cargo, goods in transit and commercial hulls, as well as marine liabilities for ship repairers, charterers, shipbuilders and stevedores.

    To keep costs to a minimum and an unparalleled focus on recoveries, we provide your customers with insurance that is tailored to their risk needs.                                                                                             

    Products include:

    •    Marine cargo policies for imports, exports and domestic transit
    •    Marine stock throughput
    •    Advanced loss of profits (ALOP) linked to the movement of cargo
    •    Marine legal liabilities, such as liability for the charterer, the stevedore, the shipbuilder and the ship repairer


    At Hollard Insure we pride ourselves on always looking for innovative ways to offer insurance – such as CargoMile™, an online quoting platform that allows you, the broker, to quickly, easily and conveniently secure Marine insurance cover for your customers wanting to insure single shipments.

    CargoMile™ is designed to be simple to use and features instructional tips and videos to guide you through the process.

    It uses smart underwriting algorithms to provide an immediate quotation. Once the premium is paid electronically, insurance cover is instant. What previously could take days to arrange is now done in a matter of minutes.

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    Watch our video to see how Cargomile can help your clients

    To be granted access to the CargoMile™ portal from 1 June 2019, please download, complete and return the CargoMile Intermediary Consent Form to cargomileunderwriting@hollard.co.za  

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