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Business Insurance Products

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  • Hospitality & Tourism Insurance

    From luxury beach resorts to BnBs, from bush conference venues to country clubs, each hospitality operator has its unique insurance requirements. However, the nature of the tourism business means they share many of the same financial and reputational risks.

    Our specialist Hospitality & Tourism team understands every facet of an industry sector in which success depends on guest satisfaction, and we have developed a range of hospitality insurance products to cover most eventualities. Available locally as well as throughout Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands, they include:

    • Asset protection cover for hotels, country inns, bush and beach lodges, tented camps, guesthouses, wildlife and golfing estates, holiday homes, corporate ownership lodges, conference venues and country clubs. (NB: We cover all types of construction, from bricks-and-mortar buildings to thatched roofs and canvas tents)
    • Cover for loss of profits, rentals, revenue, levies, as well as wages and additional increased cost of working (AICOW)
    • Cover for legal liability arising from the death of, or injury to, a guest, or damage to their property, as well as subsequent financial claims. Policy extensions include:
    • Property owner’s liability, product liability cover (recommended in view of the expanded provisions of the Consumer Protection Act), EC directives, breakout and relocation of wildlife, hunters’ liability, guests’ personal effects, sub-contractors’ liability, spread of fire, and (in South Africa only) employers’ liability and passenger liability for fare-paying passengers
    • Cover for game-viewing vehicles, vehicles for business or private use, and coaches and shuttles that are ancillary to the business, as well as golf carts and quad bikes
    Because immediate assistance is vital when an emergency occurs, our 24/7 Crisis Hotline provides:
    • Telephonic medical assistance and first aid advice
    • Medical emergency management (including evacuation by road or air)
    • Search-and-rescue services
    • Roadside assistance
    • Tow-in service
    • Courtesy transport
    • Accommodation
    • Vehicle recovery  
    • Trauma and assault support
    • Legal assistance

    Andries Wiese:
    011 351 5877/2726

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