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Better Futures #14 Hollard Highway Heroes.

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We believe there is a better way to drive road safety.

Think of all the stuff that truck drivers transport around the country, and across our borders, every day.  How else would the food, clothing, and all the other essential things we need reach us, if it wasn’t for them?

At Hollard, we’re among those who believe that commercial truck drivers keep our world going round but that they are largely unrecognised for the contribution they make and the sacrifices involved in making it happen.

Quite apart from working long, and often unsociable, hours that involve them spending a great deal of time away from their families,  while they’re on the road (which can be risky and stressful), their home is a tiny cabin where they’re expected to work, eat and sleep!

So, if anyone deserves to be honored and celebrated, we think it’s our truck drivers and in 2015, Regent Insurance (now incorporated into Hollard) launched a campaign to shine a light on the important work they do. 

Called Highway Heroes, it takes the form of a competition that’s open to every truck driver who works for a fleet owner insured by Hollard.  And it’s designed to create a broader awareness of the invaluable role truck driver’s play and to promote driving excellence and safer roads - for them and for all of us.

The idea is for drivers to demonstrate and capitalise on their professional skills and last year, the competition attracted just short of 900 entrants!

During a 45-day test period, drivers’ performance is assessed - via telematics that monitor their speed and reaction times, etc.- and the top performers walk away (or more likely drive off…) with substantial cash prizes.   

Amazingly, there’s been a significant impact on safer driving performance, with other spin-offs too, such as reduced truck maintenance costs.     

Yet the real impact, which we’re just beginning to see, is the domino effect that truck drivers’ performance is having on road safety in general.  Which doesn’t just create better futures for them, and their fleet owners, but for all South Africans.  And that’s something we’re committed to driving harder (pun intended).


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