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Important information regarding SAA and your Hollard travel insurance cover.

Important information regarding cover for the Coronavirus outbreak.

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  Recommended Premier Budget/Visa
Maximum Age 70 years 70 years 70 years
Medical R50 000 000 R20,000,000 R5,000,000
Sub-limits: Dental, Optical, Physiotherapy R2,000 R2,000 R2,000
Sub-limits: Terrorism R2,000,000 R2,000,000 R2,000,000
Sub-limits: Pre-existing medical conditions R250,000 R250 000 R250 000
Sub-limits: Adventure & Winter Sports R5,000,000 R5,000,000 R5,000,000
Can't Travel Refer below Refer below Refer below
Cancel for Named Reason R30, 000 R20, 000 R10, 000
Cancel for Any Reason R25, 000 Nil Nil
Travel Supplier Financial Default R25, 000 Nil Nil
Missed Connection R5, 000 R3,000 R2,000
Baggage R20, 000 R10,000 Nil
Sub-limits: mobile phones, sunglasses & spectacles R1, 000 R1,000 Nil
Sub-limits: Single Item Limit R2, 500 R2,500 N/A
Sub-limits: Loss of Cash R1, 000 R1,000 Nil
Sub-limits: Loss of Passport & travel docs R2, 000 R2,000 Nil
Delay (min. 6 hours) R3, 500 R3,000 R1,000
Personal Liability R1, 000, 000 R1, 000, 000 R500,000
Personal Accident R100, 000 R50,000 Nil
Excess (each and every claim) R500,00 R500,00 R500,00
Personal Accident: Carrier Accumulation Limit R50,000,000 R50,000,000 R50,000,000

What you are covered for:

  • 31 Medical conditions you already have
  • 101 Sports and Activities
  • Winter sports and Cruise travel insurance
  • Children covered for free
  • Family and Groups of 10+ discount
  • Top-up for free medical cover
  • Senior travel insurance (up to 81 years)
  • Holiday and Business travel insurance
  • Medical emergency
  • Cancel your trip due to illness, injury or death
  • Cancel for any reason
  • Flight depart late
  • Miss a connecting flight or cruise
  • Theft or damage to personal belongings
  • You become legally liable
  • Bad weather
  • An unexpected strike
  • Your bags are delayed
  • Accidental death or permanent disability
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Unexpected terrorist attack

What you need to know

Please note: You must read the policy wording carefully to ensure you select the cover that is most suitable to your needs and financial situation.

Call us: 0861 HLLRDT (0861 455738) if you need more information.

Call us for authorisation

There are some things we must authorise. When you need medical treatment for costs higher than R10,000 you MUST call us for authorisation BEFORE you receive the treatment. This is unless you are being treated in the emergency department for a life-threatening condition.

Call: +27 11 991 8610

Some activities are not covered

We know that there are lots of fun and exciting things to do overseas. We are not saying don't do them - but we are saying that we can't cover you for high-risk activities be they in the air (Parachuting, Skydiving, Hang Gliding), on the snow (off-piste skiing), or solid rock (Mountaineering or Rock Climbing).

Declare pre-existing medical conditions to us

At Hollard Travel Insurance we treat Pre-existing Medical Conditions in one of three ways:

  1. Conditions automatically covered at no additional cost
  2. Conditions requiring assessment
  3. Conditions we don’t cover

Please read the Medical Declaration to check whether your condition is covered, or whether you need to declare your conditions to us.

Some countries are not covered

The British and Foreign Commonwealth provides good free travel advice - check their advice on where you are going before you book your trip.

If they advise do not travel to a country (e.g. Syria anyone?) or even to a region or part of a country, you won't be covered if you go there and anything happens to you.

Equally, you aren't covered for cancellation costs simply because you've changed about where you want to travel your mind unless you have "Cancel for Any Reason" cover.

Email us with where you are going, and we'll help you with what to look out for and what to avoid.

Email: travelinsurance@hollardti.co.za

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Telephone number:
0861 HLLRDT / 455738


0866 43 44 36

Customer service:
Mon -Thurs: 08:00 – 17:00
Fri: 08:00 – 16:30

Overseas Medical Emergency Assistance:
+27 11 991 8610

You can submit your insurance claim online by following the steps below.

Please remember to:

  • Keep your original bills and receipts until your claim has been finalised.
  • Once the claim has been submitted, you will receive an email as proof of submission with your claim number.
  • Please save all documents in PDF format for you to upload successfully.

If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ or contact us by email claims@oojahtravel.co.za or phone +27 11 351 4531.

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