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Hollard Equipage

We know horses and insurance 

Who we are and what we do

Hollard Equipage is South Africa’s leading provider of equine insurance. We provide smart, innovative horse insurance covers for all equine enthusiasts, including studs, competitive riders and those who enjoy the occasional hack. 

Equipage Insurance Brokers (now known as Hollard Equipage), established in 1996, grew out of an abiding love affair with horses. As riders ourselves, we know the deep bonds that our customers form with their horses. And we appreciate that as both living creatures and possessions, horses require specialised insurance.

At Hollard Equipage, our product offerings, our service ethic and our expertise are what set us apart. When our customers insure their horses with us, they benefit from the in-depth knowledge of like-minded, horse-owning individuals who understand that their particular requirements go beyond the needs of an ordinary investment.

Our products

Investing in a horse is so much more than just buying an asset: it’s an investment into a living, breathing creature of beauty. The stark reality is that horses can become ill, suffer injuries, need surgery or, in the worst case, die.

Owning and taking care of a horse can be financially onerous, so it makes sense to cover unforeseen and unplanned expenses. Our customisable insurance policies include the following:

We’re bred in purple!  Our acquisition in 2019 by Hollard – South Africa’s largest independent insurer, which was included in the 2020 BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable SA Brands – brings two thoroughbreds in the SA insurance marketplace together. 

We sell policies direct as well as through broker channels.  Brokers are welcome to contact us to add Equipage to their product offerings.

Mortality Cover

Protects against financial loss due to the untimely death of a horse. It covers death due to accident, illness, disease, theft and while in transit, or if a veterinary surgeon has to put the horse down on humane grounds as a result of an accident, sickness or disease

Loss of Use Cover

A financial loss may occur if a horse becomes totally and permanently incapable of being ridden, but its condition does not necessitate destruction for humane reasons

Foetus  Cover 

Cover for the loss of the foetus as a result of permanent disability, rejection of the foetus, still birth or the mare dies and as a result the unborn foal dies

Critical Care Cover

Equipage’s flagship policy.  Critical Care covers a horse for any critical, lifesaving, in-hospital procedures.  This cover can be equated to ICU treatment

Veterinary Insurance

This policy is designed to cover the unexpected veterinary fees that horses may incur as a result of illness or injury

Public Liability Cover

Covers damages that a horse owner is legally liable to pay, happening or occurring away from the premises where the horse is kept, following injury or damage directly caused by ownership of the horse

Saddle & Tack Cover

Protects against theft by forcible entry and irreparable damage to saddles and bridles

Horsebox Cover

This policy provides cover for loss or damage to the trailer or truck due to theft and accidental damage as well as liability to third parties

Personal Accident Cover

Provides compensation if a horse owner, their spouse or a family member residing with them sustains bodily injury in a horse-riding or horse-handling accident, resulting in death or a permanent disability

* Please contact us for further information on benefits, exclusions and limitations

How to claim

Your claims experience is important to us.  We will deal with your claim as promptly as possible and understand how stressful it can be.
Where necessary we can deal with your Vet so you can worry about your horse.

Select your cover for more info.

In the event that your horse dies or is euthanised

  • Notify us as soon as possible (24-hour contact number 083-377-2705)
  • Click here to download & complete the Claims Form 

  • Email the claims form to: equipageclaims@hollard.co.za

  • Attach the following supporting documents to your email:

    • Post Mortem Report including identification

    • Treatment reports

    • Invoices and vet report when requested.

    • Vaccination records in the case of death due to AHS, Flu, Tetanus, Rabies

    • Any claim involving bodily injury, theft or other criminal activity must be reported to the police immediately

For lifesaving, emergency treatment in hospital

If your horse has been permanently disabled

If the foal is stillborn or does not survive to an age of 30 days

If your horse has caused damage or loss to a third party for instance at a show and legal action has been taken against you

For unexpected accident and illness claims

For death or permanent disability following a horse riding or horse handling accident

For theft and damage but not wear and tear claims

For theft and damage but not wear and tear claims