Hollard Specialist Life.

Designed to suit your lifestyle.

Benefits of a Hollard Specialist Life plan include.

  • Cash Back
  • Monthly Assistance Benefit – payable on death due to an accident
  • Body Repatriation
  • Legal Advice – Lawcall
  • Unemployment due to retrenchment or pregnancy
  • No medical examination or HIV test to activate your cover
  • You can select an annual premium increase.

Additional Products.

  • Funeral cover from R10 000 up to R75 000
  • Education Provider Plus helps you save towards your child's education
  • Pure Investment Plan allows you to save towards any medium term goal e.g. house deposit, a birthday bash or just an emergency fund for a rainy day
  • 5Q offers up to R600,000.00 cover without having to go for medical examination

Three plan options to choose from.

  • Funeral – cover ranging from R10,000.00 to R60,000.00 per person.
  • Life – cover ranging from R30,000.00 to R150,000.00
  • Monthly Assistance – cover ranging from R1,000.00 to R6,000.00 per month, for 12 months.

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