How To Invest With Us.

Investing with us for the First time? Follow these easy steps. 

Step 1. Consult with your Financial Advisor

  • He/she will assess your investment needs and objective and advise you on the most appropriate product/fund solution
  • Need Financial Advice? Hollard Investments is not authorised to provide financial advice. But we do believe in the merits of impartial investment advice for those who may lack the knowledge and skill to make their own investment decisions without help. A list of registered Financial Advisors is available on the Financial Services Board Website:

Step 3. Choose an Investment Product to match your objectives

Step 3. Choose your Underlying Investment Portfolios 

  • Review the Investment Portfolio List for the respective Investment Product for the range of investment portfolio options available for selection

Step 4. Request an Investment Product Quotation

  • This quote will confirm all fees and charges applicable to your investment as well as provide you with important information about the product
  • Your Financial Advisor or the Hollard Customer Care team can assist you with a quote, or you can do it yourself by clicking here

Step 5. Complete the applicable product Investment Application Form and attach all required documentation

Download the product application forms here

E-mail the completed form to: or Fax to +27 11 351 3816

Step 6. Once your instruction has been completed you will receive an Investment Confirmation Letter confirming all your investment details

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