Home Improvement Insurance Bundle.

What Home Improvement Insurance Bundle Includes

  • Alterations, renovations and additions: Making changes to your building can increase its value. We’ll automatically increase the total value of your building so you don’t have to remember to do it yourself. This means that you’ll be covered for loss or damage to your building because of an insured event up to a maximum of the increased sum insured.
  • Temporary removal of fixtures: We’ll pay for loss or damage to permanent fixtures that are temporarily removed during repairs of the building. Note that these items may not be removed for longer than 60 days, must be stored indoors and locked up, and there must be visible signs of forcible and violent entry. The fixtures must also be intended for use in the construction, maintenance or alteration of the building.
  • Theft of building materials and fittings: We’ll pay for the theft of newly bought building materials, supplies and fittings, as long as they were safely locked away in a storeroom and there were visible signs of forcible and violent entry.
  • Green building cost cover: Going green? We’ll pay for the installation of green building products after a valid claim under the Building section of your policy. For example, if your geyser cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced, you can choose to update it to a solar geyser. We’ll pay for the extra cost to upgrade your geyser to a solar geyser.
  • Theft of power tools: If your home contents is also insured with us we will pay for the theft of power tools from your risk address, even if forcible and violent entry to the building is not visible. 
  • VIP Concierge desk: If your home contents is also insured with us you get access to a wide selection of service partners, savings, shopping benefits and more.


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