Building Insurance.

Peace of mind for every type of homeowner.

What Building Insurance covers.

We know that your home is much more than just bricks and mortar – but it’s still worth making sure that the physical structure is covered. With our fully customisable buildings insurance, we’ll make sure you’re covered should something happen because of insured events like:

  • You are covered if something happens because of insured events like fire, theft or the weather
  • Loss or damage caused by water leaking or overflowing from geyser, tanks, pipes or gutters
  • Malicious or accidental damage

Our No Claim Reward programme pays out after 24 months if you are claim free.

Optional benefits for you to choose from:

Our innovative building insurance extras help you personalise your cover, depending on your needs as a homeowner or property investor.

So whether you’re a busy guest house owner, a green-fingered gardening enthusiast or mad on your home improvement, we’ve got the insurance package you need.

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