Hollard Wealth Accumulator

Hollard Wealth Accumulator is a solution for your matured Hollard Guaranteed Investment.

Please note this product is currently closed to new business. 


The solution for your Matured Hollard Guaranteed Investment

The Hollard Wealth Accumulator is an open-ended policy for investors seeking a solution for their matured Hollard Guaranteed Investments. It is a linked Investment that allows you the flexibility to select the most appropriate underlying funds for you. Its flexible structure also gives you access to your funds without paying penalties, a death benefit for your beneficiaries and tax-effective administration.

Fund list

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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits of our Wealth Accumulator

Features and Benefits Product Details
Minimum Investment R50,000
Tax Implications The value of the investment account is subject to taxation in line with the "Four Funds" tax approach that applies to South African long-term insurers. Policy proceeds are paid out tax-free to the original policyholder.
Death Benefits In the event of your death, the policy can continue in your beneficiaries' names or they can choose to encash the full value of the policy.
Access to Capital

There are no legislative restrictions or penalties when accessing your investment, subject to the liquidity of the portfolios. 

Other Product Features
  • Flexibility to select your most appropriate fund/s
  • Ability to switch between investment portfolios at no cost.
  • Ability to use the policy as security
  • Policy valuations issued on a monthly basis 30 days in arrears; ad hoc valuations available on request
  • Endorsement of your maturing Guaranteed Endowment Policy into the Hollard Wealth Accumulator, if you're an existing Hollard Guaranteed Policy Holder. You need to be an individual aged 18 or older or a South African Trust whose beneficiaries are all natural persons (individuals)


Product Charges

What will it cost?

Product Details Product Charges
Annual Product Charge 0.50%
Income Tax Charge See Fund List
Capital Gains Tax Charge See Fund List
Advisor Initial Commission Not Applicable
Annual Advice Fee Maximum of 1.00% (excluding VAT)
Underlying Fund Fees

Charged separately (see Fund List)

Surrender Charges Not Applicable


Wealth Accumulator FAQs

Find out everything you need to know about the Wealth Accumulator Maturity Option.

Is the Hollard Wealth Accumulator open for new business?
The Hollard Wealth Accumulator is currently closed to new business.
Who can invest in the Hollard Wealth Accumulator?
Existing Hollard guaranteed policyholders whose policies are maturing. The policyholder needs to be an individual who is 18 years or older, or a South African trust whose beneficiaries are individuals.
Can I make additional contributions to my policy?
No, additional contributions to the policy are not permitted.
Can I access my investment?
Yes, access to your investment is free of restriction or penalty.
What happens to the policy in the event of my death?
In the event of your death, the policy can continue in your beneficiaries' names or they can choose to encash the full value of the policy.
Are loans permitted against the policy?
Hollard Investments does not permit loans to be taken on the policy.
When are policy valuations issued?
Policy valuations are issued on a monthly basis, 30 days in arrears. You can also request historic valuations on request.
Is my investment guaranteed?
The market value of the endowment is linked to the performance of the underlying fund selection.
What are the tax implications of this investment?
The Hollard Wealth Accumulator has been designed as a tax-efficient investment vehicle for South African residents. While we're unable to give individual tax advice, based on SA's current legislation, it's our interpretation that the following tax treatment is applicable: The value of the account is subject to tax according to the "Four Funds" tax approach that applies to South African long-term insurers. The policy proceeds are paid out tax-free to the original policyholder.
Can the benefits under this policy be changed?
Hollard Investments reserves the right to revise the contract under this policy in the event of: A change in legislation or practice governing the taxation of long term insurers. Any regulatory, legislative or other factors having a detrimental effect on any aspect of this policy or on Hollard Investment's ability to provide the benefits associated with this policy.
Do I need a Financial Advisor to invest in this product?
Yes. Hollard Investments does not accept any investment into this product without a Financial Advisor being appointed.

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