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Get cover for you, your car, your passengers and other drivers with our comprehensive car insurance.


Insurance for Your Vehicle 

Insure your car and ensure adventures on the road in South Africa and beyond. The best accessory for your car is motor insurance from Hollard to cover you against accidental damage and theft. Hollard car insurance is not just about protecting yourself; it's about covering your passengers, pedestrians, other drivers and your car.

Whether an accident is your fault or not, car insurance is a very good idea in South Africa, as it gives you peace of mind that any damage to your car and other vehicles involved in an accident will be covered.

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Key Benefits:

  • Free accidental death cover of R15,000 in the event that the policyholder dies in an accident while in the insured car.
  • Up to R10 million for third party liability cover that pays damages, legal costs and expenses should you become legally liable following an accident in which damage or injury is caused to a third party.
  • Free 24-hour emergency assistance (includes towing, roadside and medical). Policyholders can call 0861 000 911.
  • Hassle-free car insurance claims process.
  • Motor insurance cover extends to loss caused by fire, explosion and natural disasters such as hail and floods.
  • Optional cover for car hire and accessories.
  • Covers your car for either private or business use in South Africa (but not commercial use, i.e. transporting paying passengers or goods).

Hollard's car insurance benefits include free accidental death cover, 24 hour emergency help and more.

Factors That Can Influence Your Car Insurance Premium:

  • Your age (younger, inexperienced drivers tend to have more accidents)
  • The value of your car
  • What you use your car for (private or business use)
  • Vehicle security – where do you park your car at night? Is it securely locked away or parked out on the street where it can easily be damaged?
  • Does the vehicle have an immobiliser, tracking device or alarm? 

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Features & Benefits

What Are the Types and Benefits of Car Insurance?

Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Comprehensive motor insurance provides maximum protection for your vehicle by covering you against damage incurred in an accident, fire or natural disaster. It also provides cover for theft, criminal damage and third party vehicle damage or injury.

If you’re financing a new car, comprehensive car insurance may be mandatory, it’s generally recommended for new and expensive vehicles.

Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance

This level of cover is more affordable than comprehensive insurance, while still providing cover against theft and hijacking, as well as damage caused by fire.

This motor insurance option also protects you from paying for damage caused to a third party in the event of a motor accident; however the cover for damage to your own vehicle is limited.

3rd Party Insurance

Third party insurance doesn’t cover your vehicle for loss or damage. It’s therefore only recommended for older, less valuable vehicles on which there’s no outstanding debt.

Becoming involved in a motor accident can potentially leave you with very high liability. For this reason, it’s extremely important to, at the very least, have third party insurance cover. Third party motor insurance covers accidental damage caused to a third party vehicle. It also covers injury or death to third parties involved in such an accident.

How it works

How to claim

Do you need to claim?

Follow the easy steps below to get your claim fast and efficiently.

In Emergencies: Hollard Assist - 0861 000 911

Please note: For any vehicle glass claims kindly call Hollard during working hours and select the Glass claims option. Your claim will be captured telephonically and we will send out a service provider to you.

General Claims: 0861 01 02 03

1. Notify us

Notify us of your intent to claim by completing our claim notification form. Alternatively please phone 0861 01 02 03 as soon as possible after the event (within 30 days) and a dedicated claims specialist will guide you through the process.

2. Notify the Police

They'll log the incident and give you a police reference (case number), which we'll need to process your claim.

3. Submit documents

You'll need to submit all the requested claims documents and supporting documents to us. To help you, a dedicated claims specialist can guide you through the process and let you know of any excess premiums payable. Supporting documents include:

  • Sketch and description of the incident
  • Photographs taken from the scene (if any were taken)
  • Incident driver's details
  • Third party details (if one was involved)
  • The police reference (accident report / case number)
  • If the matter involves theft we will need a copy of the A1 statement
  • A copy of your driver's license - if you do not hold a South African driver's license, we'll require a copy of your valid international / SADC license

4. We'll contact you to notify you of the outcome of your claim

Customer Support

To make a Car Insurance claim

Read our easy to follow steps about how to make a  Car Insurance claim.

To update your Car Insurance policy

If you need to amend or renew your Car Insurance policy, please contact Hollard on the details listed below:


Call us:  0861 010 203

To get a Car Insurance quote

Call us:  0861 360 360