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  • What Hollard Corporate Insurance offers.

    The bigger the company, the bigger the risks it faces – and the more specialised its insurance needs are.

    Hollard Corporate provides cover to companies with significant asset values across a wide range of industry sectors, including but not limited to mining, energy, manufacturing,  financial services, technology and communication, real estate and retail.

    From insuring deep-level mines to shopping centres, our experts have a specific solution that suits your business needs. Specific cover is arranged in accordance with every company’s unique insurance requirements – and insurance brokers are pivotal to the placement of the insurance programme.

    The geographical scope extends into Africa, providing companies with tailored solutions and appropriate cover. Hollard’s presence and relationships in a number of territories provide an advantage through the understanding of local market dynamics, including the regulatory environment and local know-how of doing business.

    The cover afforded under an assets policy includes material damage and business interruption, which can extend to machinery breakdown.

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