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Enabling better futures through youth employment.

Almost two-thirds of South African youths are unemployed. Through founding and continuing to support the Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, Hollard is helping unemployed matriculants in disadvantaged areas to find sustainable employment.

We believe there is a better way to find employment for young South Africans.

Two out of every three South African youths are unemployed and our overall unemployment rate is the third highest in the world.  As distressing as these statistics are, the sadder truth is that behind them sit millions of smart, energetic young people with massive potential, who have dreams and goals but nowhere to put them.

Not only do their impoverished circumstances make it difficult to seek work, because they lack the funds for things like internet access and transport, but they are often also locked out of the economy because they lack the social networks so many people rely on to get their first jobs.


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Tyrell Thaysen (1969).

Tyrell Thaysen is equally comfortable as a painter, sculptor and draughtsman. His work is predominantly preoccupied with the human figure, exploring how physical appearances are intricately intertwined with character and personality.