Scratch and Dent Insurance Benefit


Your car, like your life, goes through its ups and downs. Our scratch and dent insurance covers the cost of an unlimited number of minor damages to your car, so you can always keep it in tip-top shape.

You can choose if you want scratch and dent insurance cover for your car’s exterior, interior or both:

Exterior repairs

This includes repairing chips, dents and scratches to your car’s bodywork, damage to your car’s wheels and rims and removal of tar.

Interior Repairs

This includes work to repair scratches, scuffs, peeling and tears to parts of your car’s interior, such as your car’s:

  • Centre console, dashboard and cubbyhole
  • Roof lining and sun visors
  • Parcel shelf of hatch-back cars
  • The side panel repair and seat stitching
  • Plastic door handles
  • Gear knob, gear lever and handbrake boot
  • Steering wheel respray
  • Head rest and rubber carpet inserts

There are conditions to the kind of damage we will cover, for example the length of a scratch, which you can read more about in your policy document once you take out the policy with us.

Our scratch and dent policy will smooth away life’s little knocks to your car – so you can focus on getting where you want to go.


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Customer Support

Have a question? Need help?

You can contact us on the below contact details if you need to speak to us about anything. This could be general queries, making changes to your policy, claiming, if you have a complaint, or if you want to add any of our latest exciting benefits.

Policy numbers with 10 digits, starting with the number “1”:

  • Direct policyholders: 0860 123 EASY (0860 123 3279)
  • Policyholders via intermediaries (brokers): 0860 321 EASY (0860 321 3279)
  • For emergencies follow the voice prompts 

Policy numbers with 7 digits, starting with the number “7”:

  • Direct policyholders: 0861 010 203
  • Policyholders via intermediaries (brokers): 0861 010 203
  • For emergencies: 0861 000 911

If you have a different policy number, please read your policy documentation for contact details.

Still struggling to get in touch with the right person? Email us at:

and one of our agents will call you back.

Got a complaint?

We hope that you never have any reason to complain, but if you do we’ll do our best to work with you and resolve it through the following process:

Step 1: Get in touch with our customer care specialists by emailing

Step 2: If you need to take the issue further, ask to speak to a claims or administration manager to discuss your concerns.

Step 3: If, after speaking to a manager, your complaint is not yet resolved, you can take the matter further by writing to our internal dispute resolution committee. Your concerns will be investigated by a person with full authority to deal with the complaint and we’ll inform you of the outcome within 15 working days of receiving your letter.

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