Proactive for smokers

Are you a smoker? Get 10% off your life cover premiums if you would like to give up smoking.

Did you know that around 7.7 million people in South Africa smoke? If you’re one of them, the bad news is that you’ll pay around 80% more than non-smokers for your life insurance cover. Because life insurance premiums for smokers tend to be steep, they generally don’t buy the right amount of cover that they need.

There are many immediate health benefits to stopping smoking.  For example, by letting go of your nicotine fix, you’ll instantly lower your chances of getting coronary disease and various types of cancers. What’s more, stopping smoking means you reduce your risk of death and disability, so you’ll be in line for the best possible premium. Now that’s a no brainer.

If you apply for life cover with us and tell us that you intend to stop smoking within two years of your policy’s start date, we’ll give you a quit smoking discount on your life insurance premium. If you haven’t quit smoking within the first year, you’ll forfeit a portion of this discount. If you still haven’t quit after the full two years, you’ll forfeit the original discount you got.     

Let’s face it: your ultimate goal is to be a non-smoker, and to enjoy that status when it comes to your life insurance premiums. To get there, we’ll need you to be smoke free for six months. To maintain this non-smoker badge of honour permanently, you’ll need to be smoke free for a total of 12 consecutive months.

With our smoker life insurance range, you get:

  • An immediate "quit smoking" discount if you tell us that you intend to quit smoking
  • Tools and help to get you to quit smoking – for good!