• Life Insurance

    For the perfectly & perfectly imperfect

Life insurance for the perfectly imperfect

Some have the pleasure of waking up to a view of the beach every day, and some happen to just drive past on occasion. Whether you think your life is perfect or perfectly imperfect, we’ll find many reasons to cover you and give you 20% of your premiums back after 5 years, as CashBack* paid into your bank account. You can spend this as you wish and maybe even take a perfect little holiday to the beach.

Our Life Cover and Death Income benefits are great by themselves but they also work well together:

  • The lump sum from your Life Cover will help your loved ones with the immediate expenses that follow your death, like settling debts or paying off a mortgage
  • Death Income pays monthly which means that they’ll continue to be taken care of in the months or even years after you’re gone

Why choose our Life Insurance?

  • It includes funeral cover at no extra cost for you, your spouse and children.
  • An interim accident benefit of up to R500 000 covers you for accidental death, from the moment you apply.
  • A terminal illness benefit lets you claim 100% of your life cover in advance, if you have a year or less to live.
  • It’s available to clients who are HIV positive.
  • Get a 10% discount on your premiums if you’re a smoker but intend to quit within the next year.

  *Terms and conditions apply

Want to supersize it?

Critical Illness cover
  • You’ll be paid out a tax-free lump sum to cover costs related to your illness 
  • Receive up to R7.5 million to cover any lifestyle changes and medical costs 
  • It covers 57 serious illnesses including heart attacks, strokes and cancer
  • It also covers your children for all 57 illnesses, at no extra cost 
  • It includes a bonus benefit that covers you if you spend time in hospital for an accident or illness not already covered
Disability and Impairment
  • Make sure the bills get paid no matter what
  • This cover will replace your income if you’re unable to work in your own or a similar job, because of an accident or illness
  • Choose the cover you need at the price you can afford
  • Get cover that pays a lump sum of up to R10 million and monthly income payments of up to R100 000

How to claim

Need to make a Life cover claim? Speak to your financial advisor, call us on 0860 00 00 11 or get started on our website.

Start claim

Check and update your policy

This is honest insurance for honest people. Please call us on 0860 00 00 11 to check or update your policy and details if your circumstances change. This will ensure you’re always covered. 

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