Pay As You Drive

Pay only for the kilometres you drive.


Save on your Car Insurance

Get comprehensive car insurance with Pay As You Drive and pay only for the actual kilometres you drive. This means you can save on motor insurance premiums and still have the same comprehensive cover on your vehicle. 

Pay As You Drive is as simple as choosing the DrivePlan option  that suits your typical monthly mileage. Even if you exceed your selected monthly kilometres, you can use the previously unused kilometres in your DriveSave auto Account and then, when the DriveSave account is depleted, pay per kilometre.

Key Benefits:

  • Pay As You Drive is a comprehensive car insurance
  • If you don’t use your car much you can save on car insurance
  • Six mileage options to choose from – depending on how much you travel
  • You only pay for the distance your car travels each month
  • If you don't use all the mileage you've bought, we can save it for another day

If you drive as little as 500km’s per month, why should you pay for more?

Pay As You Drive Is Right for You, If:

  • You’re at least 25 years old
  • You’ve had your driver's licence for more than 1 year

Find out More About Pay As You Drive Insurance

Read the Pay As You Drive Insurance Features & Benefits.

Features & Benefits

What do you get?

Pay As You Drive offers drivers a number of exceptional features and benefits.

  • Cheaper premiums because with PAYD motor insurance you only pay for the distance you travel
  • Free Accidental Death cover of R15,000 in the event that the PAYD policyholder dies in an accident in the insured car
  • Up to R10 million for third party liability cover that pays damages, legal costs and expenses should you become legally liable following an insured event; i.e. an accident in which damage or injury is caused to a third party
  • Free 24-hour emergency assistance, including towing, roadside and medical. PAYD policyholders simply call 0861 000 911
  • 1 month of free DrivePlan kilometres (called Grace Period Kilometres) to provide a safety net in the event that you underestimate your typical monthly mileage. Grace Period Kilometres kick in if you exceed your DrivePlan kilometres during the first two months of your policy and expire after the first two month period
  • 10% bonus kilometres for the first 12 months. These will be added to your DriveSave account and can be used when you exceed your monthly travel distance. Subsequent allocation of bonus kilometres will depend on claims and driver behaviour

How it works

Step 1: Choose your cover

Since you only pay for the distance the insured vehicle travels each month, you can choose the Pay As You Drive motor insurance DrivePlan that best suits your needs.

Drive Plan Monthly Distance Insured By The DrivePlan Data Collection/Tracking Device required
 Drive500  Up to 500 kilometres Yes
Drive750  Up to 750 kilometres Yes
Drive1000   Up to 1,000 kilometres Yes
Drive1250 Up to 1,250 kilometres Yes
Drive1500 Up to 1,500 kilometres Yes
DriveMax Unlimited kilometres No

Note: Once the packaged DrivePlan kilometres have been used, additional kilometres are charged on a rate per kilometre basis.

Step 2: Choose your data collection/tracking device

Each vehicle insured by Pay As You Drive motor insurance needs to have a data collection device installed, in order to measure the correct mileage used. We offer three data collection devices:

Device Contract Cost
Tracker SkyTrax Data 36-month contract with Tracker, which needs to be completed regardless of whether you cancel the Pay As You Drive policy or not R58 per month – can be upgraded to include Stolen Vehicle Recovery at an additional cost
Tracker SkyTrax Recover 36-month contract with Tracker, which needs to be completed regardless of whether you cancel the Pay As You Drive policy or not R133 per month

Note: This is not required for the Pay As You Drive DriveMax motor insurance option. 

Step 3: Manage your Pay As You Drive account

  • You'll receive monthly statements detailing each trip the insured vehicle travelled in the previous month, as well as a breakdown of all kilometre transactions
  • Included in the monthly statement is a recommendation based on the typical kilometres travelled by the insured vehicle. So, if on average you travel more or less than your selected DrivePlan, Pay As You Drive will recommend a more appropriate DrivePlan
  • Any unused kilometres in a month are retained in your DriveSave account and can be used to offset high mileage months at a future date. In addition, for the first 12 months, Pay As You Drive adds 10% bonus kilometres per month to act as a safety net for those months when you exceed your DrivePlan kilometres
  • If you have exhausted the kilometres in your DriveSave account, Pay As You Drive will automatically bill you for the balance on a rate per kilometre basis (DrivePlus rate)
  • In the event that you have an unusually high kilometre month, Pay As You Drive ensures you won't pay more than the unlimited mileage optionDriveMax


Do you want to know more?

Find out everything you need to know about Pay As You Drive.

How does the DriveSave Account work and is this new feature to my benefit?
The DriveSave Account is in essence your kilometre "bank" account with all kilometre transactions being recorded in the DriveSave Account. A feature of our previous product was that you lost any kilometres you didn't use in a specific month. By introducing the DriveSave Account into our product we are now able to "save" and keep record of any unused kilometres for your use in the future. So, yes, this new feature provides our customers with greater transparency and value for money than the previous version of the product.
What happens if I do not use all the kilometres?
In the event that you do not use all the kilometres available in your selected DrivePlan Option the unused kilometres are held in your DriveSave Account for future use. You might want to consider whether deliberately accumulating some kilometres in your DriveSave Account may be good planning for that holiday trip or simply to ensure that the occasional high kilometre month doesn't result in an unexpectedly high additional premium.
How do you know how many kilometres I drive?
Every month Hollard receives a report of the kilometers travelled by your vehicle from the Data Collection Device you have selected. Using GPS technology the kilometers are automatically tracked by the Data Collection Device in your vehicle and transmitted to Hollard using GSM technology. There is no need for you to keep manual records of the mileage driven or to submit regular returns to Hollard.
What are Grace Period Kilometres?
At inception of the policy, Pay As You Drive will credit your DriveSave Account with one extra months DrivePlan Kilometres (called Grace Period Kilometres). Then, each month, Pay As You Drive will monitor the distance travelled by the insured vehicle and will advise you whether the vehicle is on the correct DrivePlan or not. The Grace Period Kilometres serve as a safety net in case you have underestimated the insured car's typical monthly mileage when first becoming a customer. The Grace Period Kilometres are free and can only be used in the first two months of the policy after which time; any remaining Grace Period Kilometres will expire.
How will I be able to see how much I travel and how much I pay?
Remember, with Pay As You Drive you only pay for the kilometres you travel so the less you travel the more you save ? and that's in addition to the saving on fuel and wear and tear. You will receive a monthly trip log and statement which will indicate the premium due for any DrivePlus Kilometres travelled ? that being the kilometres travelled in excess of the packaged kilometres in your DrivePlan. The DrivePlus premium will be collected with your usual premium in the following month. We have no doubt that being able to scrutinise all your monthly trips is something only the analytical customers will enjoy doing. But even if you're not an analytical type of customer, you might find cost saving opportunities by checking out how many unnecessary trips you travel on a monthly basis.
When do I pay my premiums?
All premiums are collected on the first working day of the month apart from the first premium which will be discussed with you when you become a Pay As You Drive policy holder.
How do I control what I pay?
In the past it became clear to us that most customers do not know what distances they typically travelled each month. This led to a reasonable portion of our new customers underestimating their monthly kilometres when buying our product resulting in premiums that were higher than expected. To alleviate this problem we introduced multiple DrivePlan Options (DrivePlans 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500 and DriveMax) as well as Grace Period Kilometres.
What happens if I sell the vehicle?
If you sell your car, we will cancel the insurance on the existing vehicle as per your instructions and replace the sold vehicle with a new vehicle or, if there is no new vehicle, simply cancel the policy. Please note that the SkyTrax unit comes with a three year contract between yourself and Tracker and the contract terms need to be fulfilled ? even if you sell the vehicle. The SkyTrax unit can also be transferred to your new car for a small fee. If the new buyer wants to keep the Tracker in the car they can take out a new contract with Tracker.
What is a DrivePlan Option?
A range of DrivePlan Options are available that should, if the correct DrivePlan is selected, ensure your fixed monthly premium caters to your usual monthly mileage consumption with a minimal variable premium (DrivePlus rate) in the event that you travel more than the DrivePlan Kilometres. If you consistently travel more or less than the DrivePlan Kilometres included in your option you might want to give our Customer Services team a call (0861 01 02 03) so that we can migrate you to a more appropriate DrivePlan Option.

How to claim

Do you need to claim?

Follow the easy steps below to get your claim fast and efficiently.

In Emergencies: Hollard Assist - 0861 000 911

Please note: For any vehicle glass claims kindly call Hollard during working hours and select the Glass claims option. Your claim will be captured telephonically and we will send out a service provider to you.

General Claims: 0861 01 02 03

1. Notify us

Notify us of your intent to claim by completing our claim notification form. Alternatively please phone 0861 01 02 03 as soon as possible after the event (within 30 days) and a dedicated claims specialist will guide you through the process. 

2. Notify the police

They'll log the incident and give you a police reference (case number), which we'll need to process your claim.

3. Submit documents 

You'll need to submit all the requested claims documents and supporting documents to us. To help you, a dedicated claims specialist can guide you through the process and let you know of any excess premiums payable. Supporting documents include:

  • Sketch and description of the incident 
  • Photographs taken from the scene (if any were taken) 
  • Incident driver's details 
  • Third party details (if one was involved)
  • The police reference (accident report / case number)
  • If the matter involves theft we will need a copy of the A1 statement 
  • A copy of your driver's license - if you do not hold a South African driver's license, we'll require a copy of your valid international / SADC license

4. We'll contact you to notify you of the outcome of your claim

Customer Support

To make a Pay As You Drive claim

Read our easy to follow steps about how to make a Pay As You Drive claim.

To update your Pay As You Drive policy

If you need to amend or renew your Pay As You Drive policy, please contact Hollard on the details listed below:

Call us: 0861 010 203 
Fax: 011 351 3003

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