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  • Ackermans
  • Ackermans

    Telephone: 0860 900 100

    With a retail footprint over Southern Africa, Ackermans offers highly affordable funeral insurance that helps you cover funeral costs when you and your family need it most. 

    Who We Are 

    The first Ackermans store was opened in 1916 in Cape Town by Gus Ackerman, who set a benchmark for competitive retail prices that few could match. Today, with more than 380 stores in Southern Africa, our business continues to go from strength to strength.

    What We Do 

    Our range of funeral plans gives you the financial support you need to pay for a funeral and provide for your family when you’re no longer able to.

    If you’re an Ackermans Club member, our standard funeral plan comes free with your membership. Then, our Family Protector Plan and Plan Plus options are available to anyone, whether you have an account with us or not. Both plans cover funeral costs for you or any family member, as well as paying you out a fixed monthly amount for a limited period.

    The sign up process for our funeral insurance is quick and easy and you won’t need to undergo any medical examinations. Plus, if you don’t claim for five years, we’ll give you 20% of your premiums back as cash in your pocket.

    Why Choose Us 

    With so many funeral insurance options available, why choose us?

    1. We have a large retail footprint. With stores all over Southern Africa, getting a funeral plan through us is quick and convenient, no matter where you live.
    2. We understand our customers. With our many years of retail experience, we understand our customers, their lives, and their funeral insurance needs.
    3. We offer high quality products. Our stringent quality measures ensure that we deliver unbeatable value for money. 
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