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  • The BEST Funeral Society 



    Telephone: 011 373 8400


     We provide a wide range of tailor-made funeral benefits to companies, retailers, undertakers, churches, burial societies, and other funeral plan groups. 

    Who We Are 

    The BEST Funeral Society was started over 10 years ago after intensive research into the existing funeral benefits on the market, as well as what customers really wanted from their funeral policies. With many years of experience in the group funeral market, The BEST Funeral Society has a passionate and intimate understanding of the unique requirements relating to group funeral benefits.

    What We Do 

    At BEST, we offer a selection of tailor-made funeral benefits and value-added funeral products to companies, retailers, undertakers, churches, burial societies, and other affinity groups.

    In addition to core funeral cover, we offer value-added benefits including accidental death, body relocation, family provider and legal assistance. We also provide things like vehicle access, airtime, electricity vouchers and local butcher and grocery benefits to help you with the logistics of planning the funeral. What’s more, we give you immediate financial assistance – so we’ll provide you with funds within 48 hours of the death of a loved one.

    Why Choose Us 

    Regardless of which package you choose, we give your loved one a dignified farewell with the least inconvenience to any surviving family. Here’s why you should choose us:

    1. We’re affordable. We use our bulk-buying power and knowledge to ensure that you get better prices and value for money.

    2. We’re efficient. We have a full membership and claims handling capability with embedded call centre facilities.

    3. We keep an eye on fraud. Our state of the art technology and vast database effectively identifies potential claims fraud, which keeps your premiums as low as they can be.

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  • Covision Group
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