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Insurance Partners

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  • 21st Century Life and Hollard
  • Artinsure
  • Covision Group
  • Cyclesure
  • Equipagé
  • Hollard Group Risk
  • Legalwise
  • Oojah
  • PetSure
  • PetSure (Pty) Ltd 

    Email: info@petsure.co.za

    Website: www.petsure.co.za 

    Telephone: 011 481 1900


    PetSure is a Pet Medical Insurance Administrator that designs and offers the very best packages in veterinary expenses cover so that in times of need, your pet will get the health care it deserves. PetSure’s Administration facilities encompass ALL aspects of administration including product design, claims processing, membership services, premium billing and reconciliations, statistics etc. We also offer advisory and consultative services to our Brand partners to ensure that their products offer value for money and are kept up to date with changing market requirements.  

    Who We Are 

    PetSure was the first company in South Africa to introduce medical insurance for pets to assist owners with their pets’ medical expenses. Since 1992, we’ve processed more than 200,000 claims and paid out over R75 million in pet medical expenses.

    What We Do 

    Like any member of the family, pets can also become unexpectedly ill or suffer an accident. When this happens, it’s not only very stressful but can also be an unexpected expense that heavily impacts your finances. Our Brand partners offer a variety of packages to cater to the market’s differing requirements.  Our Brand partner’s Insurance cover includes both unexpected medical expenses and an optional (or inclusive) add-on for a contribution towards annual Routine Care expenses such as vaccinations and tick and flea control. There’s no upper age limit for accidental injury, and you can use any licensed veterinarian countrywide. They also offer a multi-pet discount and, once on cover, cover is for life as long as premiums are kept up to date.  Our Brand partners currently comprise Hollard Pet Insurance, PetSure Equine (Veterinary Fee Cover for horses), Solver, MyPetKZN, pet99 and ROGZ Pet Insurance with several new initiatives launching shortly.

    Why Choose Us 

    PetSure designs and administers packages for our brand partners providing the best way to protect both your pet’s health and your financial wellbeing. So what benefits do we offer? 

    1. We’re a dedicated Pet Insurance Administrator so we specialise in this type of insurance and understand the medical needs your pet may have. 
    2. We’re so confident in our services that if you’re not happy with what we offer for whatever reason, we’ll give you back your money within 14 days of the Policy start date on all our products. 
    3. By working with credible partners in the pet industry we’re a name you can trust.
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