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    Email: info@cyclesure.co.za  

    Website: www.cyclesure.co.za

    Telephone: 011 679 1559


    Our accident insurance gives cyclists cover during time trials, club events or any other cycling competition – whether local or international. 

    Who We Are 

    During cycling events, large numbers of cyclists share the same road space, which means that the risk of accidents and theft dramatically increases. Until now, the only accident insurance available to cyclists didn’t extend to equipment damage or injuries occurring during a cycling event. Cyclesure is the first cycling insurance specialist in South Africa that offers insurance aimed specifically at cyclists – whether they’re training or taking part in competitions.

    What We Do 

    As a cyclist, you’re extremely vulnerable on the road as you’re often invisible to motorists. Our short-term accident insurance gives you cover for accidents that happen during time trials and club events, as well as any other cycling event - whether it’s international, national or provincial.

    Our cycling insurance includes medical benefits and personal accident in the event of death or disability, as well as covering your equipment against theft or damage. We also cover you legally should you be liable for the costs of a third party involved in an accident, and we provide travel and medical insurance should you compete abroad.

    Why Choose Us 

    As the first specialised cyclist insurers in South Africa, why choose us?

    1. It’s specifically designed for cyclists. As cycling insurance specialists, we understand the type of risks cyclists face, which means we understand the type of insurance you need.
    2. It’s affordable. Because we’re only insuring your cycling activity and equipment, our insurance gives very specific cover, which makes it highly affordable.
    3. We make things simple. Because we partner with Hollard, your existing insurance broker can insure your bicycles with Cyclesure.
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