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  • Artinsure
  • Artinsure 


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    Our specialist art insurance covers your works of art, collectibles and valuables for your full financial investment. 

    Who We Are 

    As a specialist underwriter, we cater for the insurance needs of collectors, auction houses, art and antique dealers, galleries, museums and exhibitions. Our extensive skills and experience ensures that each of our policies is tailor-made to suit our clients. Together with our specialist service, we offer an international network of independent valuators, restorers, conservators and recovery agents.

    What We Do 

    Works of art, collectables and valuables are unique in that any damage to them results in immediate devaluation. Our policies compensate for the loss in value of these items so you’re left in the same financial position you were in prior to the loss.

    We know when an item cannot be replaced, or when restoration or loss of an item in a set impairs value. You can at any time following a loss declare the item a total loss. Having fully indemnified you following a theft, we work hard to recover that item and return it to you if you choose.

    Why Choose Us 

    Together with our specialist insurance products and professional claims service, we offer an international network of valuers, restorers and conservators.

    Our benefits include 

    • All risk coverage
    • Agreed value
    • Tailored basis of valuation
    • Depreciation recognition following damage
    • Defective title cover
    • Transit and away from premises cover
    • New acquisitions automatically covered
    • Buy-back ability if we recover your item
    • Recognition of pairs and sets
    • Repaired items
    • Temporary storage
    • Access to professional restorers
    • Access to professional valuers
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