No-Claim Reward (NCR)

Get your premiums back in hard cash as our reward to you for not claiming

Consider yourself a responsible citizen who enjoys oodles of uninterrupted good luck? If you have an insurance policy with us but don’t claim very often – or at all – you’re in for a reward!  The No-claim reward (NCR) is our way of rewarding you when you don’t claim for a certain period (known as the NCR period). If you don’t claim for a certain period (and there was no break in cover), we’ll pay part of the premiums you’ve already paid back to you in cash, for you to put straight back into your pocket! 
We offer three kinds of no-claim rewards:

1. General No-Claim Reward: 

  • The General NCR applies to any kind of insurance cover you have with us except buildings and home contents insurance.
  • You get 10% of your premiums back after the first 36 months of not claiming on your policy.
  • You’ll get 20% of your premiums back for every further 36 months that you stay claim-free.

2. Home Contents Insurance No-Claim Reward:

3. Buildings Insurance No-Claim Reward:

  • You get 100% of your buildings insurance premiums back after every 72 months that you don’t claim on your policy. 
  • You will only get this if you also have comprehensive car cover and home contents insurance with us.

How do we calculate your no-claim reward?

We calculate the no-claim reward as a percentage of the premiums you paid us over the entire NCR period,, less your joining fee, any monthly administrative fees, Sasria premiums and any commission that may be applicable.
When do we pay out?
We’ll pay out your no-claim reward 30 days after the end of the NCR period, into the same bank account from which we collect your premiums.