Because the best advice, hope and guidance is given by those who know

Trust is not negotiable. Relationships matter. Welcome to our #LongLiveTheBroker page – a site dedicated to all our brokers, future brokers and consumers who have accidentally clicked on this tab. This page is just one of the ways in which we’re telling (and showing) the entire world (okay, for now, the whole of Mzansi) just how passionate we are about the role of the insurance broker.
"So what’s it all about?" you might be wondering? Well, in a world where consumer empowerment, access to information and advances in technology are driving the growth of direct insurance, the nature and sources of risk are also changing. This is why we believe now, more than ever, as our customers seek to create, grow and protect their assets, they need the advice and guidance of insurance specialists with knowledge, skills and experience to navigate the risk landscape – they need a broker. 
And, beyond professional expertise, our customers need and deserve access to innovative, market-leading products paired with excellent service. At Hollard Insure we believe that brokers who can deliver on these expectations are set to add value long into the future – and while many are saying the broker is dead, we say, Long Live The BrokerTM.
Far from a one-off campaign, this belief is crafted from the heart, and fits snugly into our overall Purpose. Over the coming weeks and months, you can expect to experience first-hand the power of our ongoing, undying commitment to our brokers. 
Ensuring better futures, one broker at a time.

My broker told me that

Can you believe it has been a year since we launched our exciting Long Live The BrokerTM campaign? The idea behind the campaign is to demonstrate our continued commitment to our brokers, and to showcase our win-win-win partnership philosophy.

Going forward, we will focus on the value of advice and the important role brokers play in our customers’ lives – because after all, customers and brokers are, and will always be, at the heart of our business. The aim is to entrench ourselves as the preferred insurance partner for brokers, who always give the best advice and ensure our customers are better protected in any eventuality. We believe that “trust is not negotiable and great advice enables people to make better decisions, helping to create better futures”.

To bring this to life in the most human way, the next stage of our campaign uses idioms in a quirky, insurance-related way, linked to the unusually humorous but wise things brokers often say. We will be telling business consumers about the value of advice, through the vehicle of “My broker told me that.” Either way, we want the world to know that we endorse brokers as valuable partners in our customer relationships.

It’s just another reason why we say #LongLiveTheBroker!

My broker told me that … continues

The third phase of our LongLiveTheBroker™ campaign showcases some of Hollard Insure’s Centres of Excellence – including Marine, Construction & Engineering, Accident & Health, and Agriculture Centres of Excellence – to our valued brokers (and business customers).

As with the second phase, which highlighted the value of brokers’ advice, this campaign features the unusual and quirky things brokers would say, just with more of a product focus this time.

We want to entrench ourselves as the preferred product insurance partner for brokers, who always give the best advice and ensure that our customers are protected in any eventuality.