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Hollard Life Cover Benefit

Affordable life cover South Africa

Our Hollard Life Select life insurance comes with multiple benefits that ensure your family is cared for when you can’t
be there to do it. This includes our affordable live cover benefit.

What is life cover?

Life cover is a lump sum pay-out upon the death of the life insured, provided that death occurs before the end of the
specified term of the benefit.

Who is it for?

Anyone between the ages 19 up to 65 at their next birthday. It is for you, as an individual, or you can have multiple people
on one policy.

What makes Hollard Life Cover different

  • No waiting period.
  • The premium is guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Includes an Interim Accident benefit and a Final Expense benefit.

    • The Final Expense benefit covers each life insured for R40 000.

    • The spouse for R20 000 and each child R10 000 (up to four children).

  • A Terminal Illness Accelerator is automatically included:

    • If the insured contracts a terminal illness which, in the opinion of Hollard Life,
      leaves them with 12 months or less to live, then 100% of the death benefit may be claimed before death.

Additional life cover benefits

  • Minimum cover of R250 000.
  • Unlimited maximum life cover amount, subject to financial justification and availability of reinsurance.
  • A maximum payout of R500 000 in the event of accidental death via the Interim Accident Benefit.

Important points

  • You will need to provide recognition of prior insurance.
  • Each life insured’s Final Expense benefit amount is accelerated from the death benefit amount.
  • Cover for the spouse and children in the first 12 months are for accidental death.
  • Cover for your nominated spouse ceases before their 65th birthday.
  • Cover for your nominated child or children ends before their 25th birthday.
  • No payment will be made where the policyholder and the life insured are different people or
    institutions and where there is a collateral cession against the policy.
  • The only exclusions are if the death was suicide or assisted suicide.

Add Hollard Life Cover to your Life Select life insurance policy, or take it on its own.

Get a no-obligation quote today.

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