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Hollard's Five Levels of Legal Cover Provide Legal Advice and Legal Services When You Need Them Most.


Being involved in a legal dispute can be extremely stressful – and getting good legal assistance when you need it can be very expensive. The Hollard Legal Plan protects you against any civil, labour or criminal matters you may find yourself facing, so you can focus on resolving the problem, and not worry about the escalating costs.

Choose from five legal cover levels: R75,000, R99,000, R120,000, R150,000 and R200,000 per matter, as well as access to a range of exclusive legal plan benefits.

Key Benefits:

  • Receive between R75,000 and R200,000 per matter.
  • There’s no annual limit to your legal cover - claim as many times as you want (as you’re covered per matter).
  • It’s affordable: legal insurance premiums start from as little as R75 per month.
  • Criminal matters include: murder, culpable homicide, rape, robbery, assault, blackmail, theft, housebreaking, fraud, breaking and entering, as well as attempting to commit any of the foregoing.
  • Civil matters include: motor vehicle accidents, insurance claims, money lent privately (not for business), road accident fund claims, neighbour disputes and contractual disputes with builders, plumbers etc.
  • Labour matters include: disciplinary hearings, unfair dismissals, labour court and Commission for Conciliation, and Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) representation.
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Protect Yourself Against Unexpected Legal Matters.

What Levels of Legal Insurance Cover Is Available?

Plan Type Insurance Premium Cover Per Matter
A R75 R75,000
B R99 R99,000
C R120 R120,000
D R150 R150,000
E R200 R200,000

What are the Features and Benefits of Legal Insurance?

  • Telephonic and electronic legal advice: Speak to fully qualified, experienced and admitted attorneys, any time you have a question or need legal assistance.
  • Standard legal documentation and contracts: Get round-the-clock access to standard legal documents such as lease agreements and employment contracts.
  • Retrenchment benefit: If you’re retrenched after 12 months of taking out our legal insurance, you'll be given a six-month grace period, without any impact on your cover.
  • Consultation and representation: Get legal services that include competent consultation and representation by a practicing attorney on our panel, or an attorney of your choice (in accordance with our schedule of tariff).

 Our extended legal cover applies to the R120, R150 and R200 Hollard Legal Plans and includes the following extra benefits:

  • We’ll help draw up ante-nuptial contracts (between two people who plan to get married).
  • We’ll provide legal advice for any uncontested divorce (when the divorce is one that both people agree to).
  • Get a 60% discount on debt counselling initiation fees (R3,000 savings and cover is immediate).
  • Get a 60% discount on attorney fees for property tariffs (you can save up to R4,000 on a R1 million property and cover is immediate).
  • Receive a free property valuation screening by RatesWatch.
  • We’ll help you draft a basic will for free.

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Want to know more?

Is there a cover limit or lifetime limit as to how much you can claim against your legal plan?
Yes. The maximum cover that can be granted in the lifetime of the policy is 10,000 times the monthly premium. For example, if you choose a R200 per month premium cover, the maximum you can claim for the duration of your policy is R2,000,000.
Is there a limit on the amount that can be paid out per legal case?
Yes. The limit is 1,000 times the monthly premium. For example, if you pay R120 per month, the maximum you can claim per case is R120,000.
Is there a money-back cancellation policy in place?
There is a money back cancellation policy after 90 days or 3 months.
Is the extended legal services cover available immediately?
The 60% discount on attorney's fees for property transfer tariffs, 60% discount on debt counselling as well as property valuation screening is available immediately. Waiting period: Ante-nuptial contract and wills drafting are only available after 3 months of paying premiums. The uncontested divorce is available after 6 months.
Is there a set annual premium increase?
Yes, the increase will be reviewed annually on discretionary basis and all policyholders will be informed with plenty of notice.
Is my family eligible to receive legal insurance cover if I am the policyholder?
Yes. Your policy will cover you, your spouse and any children under the age of 18.
What is the policy regarding excess with the Hollard Legal Plan?
The policyholder becomes exempt from paying excess after 2 years of paying monthly premiums. Before that period, the excess is 3 times the premium value.
After signing up as a policyholder for legal insurance cover, what is the waiting period before I am covered?
The waiting period is 3 months, however the 24/7 telephonic legal advice kicks in immediately.
Is there a limit on how much you can claim per annum?
No. There is only a limit on how much you can claim per legal case. This is dependent on which level of cover you have chosen. Most legal plans provide you with limited cover per annum. Whats different with the Hollard Legal plan is that it covers you for as much as R200,000 per case with no annual limit. It even allows you to appoint your own lawyer.

How to claim

Do you need to claim?

If you have the Hollard Legal Plan, provided you have paid your monthly premium, you are entitled to Legal advice. There is a 3 consecutive month waiting period for a claim to be paid. Remember not all matters will need to be referred to an external lawyer that will require a formal claim.  The Hollard internal Legal Team  will try to resolve your matter prior to referring your matter to an attorney. If a matter is referred, an excess equal to 3 months premium is payable. Hollard Legal pays claims in accordance to a schedule of tariffs and if you choose your own lawyer and they charge more than the tariff, you will be liable for the difference.

To contact the Hollard Legal Advice Team, all you need to do is:

1. Notify us

2. Send us all the required documents

You'll need to submit all the requested claims documents and supporting documents to us. To help you, a dedicated claims specialist can guide you through the process and let you know of any excess premiums payable.

3. We'll get back to you with the status of your claim

Please note: We will not be liable for a claim, unless we confirm the claim and give you a written confirmation of cover.

Customer Support

To get legal advice

If you need legal advice please contact Hollard on the details listed below:
Call us: 0861 666 479

To update your Legal Plan policy

If you need to amend or renew your Legal Plan policy, please contact Hollard on the details listed below:
Call us: 0861 333 287

To claim on your Legal Plan Policy

If you need to claim, please contact Hollard on the details listed below:
Call us 0861 666 479

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